My new training regiment (11/08) will be accounted for within my blogs.  Below is what I had tried in the Summer of ’07. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Below is what I was doing until I found out I was pregnant.  I currently will not be ‘training’ for anything but I will keep exercising during my whole pregnancy.  And then I hope to run the same race next year and I will compare my training then to what I was doing now.

I have a 12 week program that I’m using to get ready for a race on Sept. 29, it’s a 5k. I’ll update this daily. The original schedule came from an article titled ‘How To Run A 5k In 3 Months If You’ve Never Run Before’. I modified some of it after talking with coaches, trainers and a sports Dr. Here’s how I’m doing it.

Week 1 – 7/8/07
Su-ran .5 miles (5:46), walked 1 mile; M-off
T-ran .5 miles (5:46), walked 1 mile; W-off
R-ran .5 miles (5:33), walked 1 mile
F-walked 3.5 miles
Sa-ran .75 miles (8:58), walked 1 mile

Week 2 – 7/15/07
Su-off; M-ran .75 miles (8:42), walked 1 mile
T-off; W-ran .5 miles (5:20), walked 1 mile
R-off; F-ran .75 miles (8:41), walked 1 mile; Sa – off

Week 3 – 7/22/07
Su-ran .75 miles (8:21), walked 1 mile; M-off
T-ran 1 mile (11:39), walked 1 mile; W-off
R-ran 1 mile (11:43), walked 1 mile
F-walked ~3 miles (1:00:00)
Sa-ran 1.4 miles (15:00)

Week 4 – 7/29/07
Su-walked ~1.5 miles (30:00)
M-ran1.5 miles (17:33), walked 1 mile; T-off
W- ran 1.75 miles (21:25), walked 1 mile; R-off
F-ran 2 miles (25:00), walked .5 mile; Sa-off

Week 5 – 8/5/07
Su-walked 3 miles (~1:00:00)
M-walked .25, ran .25 to = 2 miles (28:30)
T-ran 1.1 miles (12:58), walked 2 miles
W-biked 5 miles (30:00)
R-ran 1.4 miles (16:54), walked 1.5 miles (30:00)
Sa-ran 1.6 miles (20:18), walked 1.5 miles (25:00)

Week 6 – 8/12/07
Su – OFF (wasn’t feeling well)
M-ran 2 miles (25:10)

5 Responses to “Training”

  1. Martyne Says:

    Great to hear about your training regime. Have to say you are doing a lot of walking. I think a bit more running might be a good course of action.

  2. Diana Says:

    Oh I wish I could!! I’m slowly building my stamina. I try to run more but with the heat and humidity over here it’s been tough. But I am building my distance, slowly but surely.

  3. Ok,
    I’m happy to see you came by for a visit. I’m glad to see you’re healthy and back at it… albeit with a larger family.

    So, is there some running in your future again? Inquiring minds want to know.
    Coach Dean

  4. Diana Says:

    Thanks for checking in. I am thinking about it. Tomorrow I’ll be 13 weeks ‘post-op’ (I had a c-section) so I think I’m healed up. Now I just have to make the time and start. I have taken the occasional walks with the baby, maybe 2 to 3 times a week right now. And now I have an Ipod so I’m more equipped now. I just have to get my motivation back.

  5. Lou FCD Says:

    ipod schmipod.

    Spoilt yungins.

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