I got up and ran to the gym today even though my schedule was tight and I barely had a minute.  I was only able to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes but I did 2 miles in that time.  Boy is my shoulder killing me though!

After they gym I had to run home, shower, get the baby ready, finish making a casserole, pack the diaper bag and run out the door in 30 minutes (it took me 45).  We went to church today and had a covered dish lunch and then our advent workshop.  And back home to clean! Yeah, what fun.


Day 16: Yesterday I went to the gym to meet my trainer.  I warmed up on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then we hit the weights.  We did some free weights and a bunch of machines.  We worked on arms, back chest, legs, pretty much everything.  The only thing I had trouble with was the shoulder press because of my rotator cuff.  I just couldn’t do it.   So we’re going to hold off on that for a little bit.

We then discussed what my schedule should be and it pretty much looks like this:
Mon.  45m on treadmill and weights
Tue. Class cardio/strength
Wed. 45m on treadmill and weights
Thur.  OFF
Fri. 45m on treadmill (maybe weights) *last session with trainer is next friday and we’ll finalize the schedule
Sat. morning class of cardio/some strength
Sun. treadmill only

Day 17: Holy crap! I went to class this morning and it kicked my butt!  She decided to do 80% strength and only 20% cardio.  Well only 12 hours earlier I did all weights.  So I was getting my butt kicked.  I saw my trainer as I was leaving and we’re going to re-think our Friday sessions with having that class in morning.  I really think I’m going to feel it in the morning tomorrow, but I need to push through and get my butt on that treadmill.

Ok, so the hubby has strep, AGAIN, and I’m behind.  But I’ll have you all know I haven’t slacked off because of it!!

Day 13: I went to the gym and did a class! I think I’m going to like it and there were nice people there.  And the instructor was really nice too.  So now I have a Saturday class and a Tuesday class.  It was titled Strength Intervals but it was a bunch of cardio using items.  A lot like my Saturday class, but that’s fine.  She does a 1/2 hour of abs before the 7 o’clock class but I’m not sure I’m ready for that.  She suggested that I come 10 minutes at the end to do some.  Maybe starting January.

Day 14: I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 3 minutes at 3.2 mph and ran (jogged) at 4.7 for 5 minutes and went back and forth with that for 45 minutes.  I’m doing pretty good and at those speeds I broke the 3 mile mark.  So at this point it may be possible to do a 5k in under 45 minutes!  YAY!

Day 15: I TOOK THE DAY OFF!!  6 out of 7 days ain’t bad for a novice.

Tomorrow I have my training appointment at 8 (at night).  So we’ll see how that goes.

Damn wordpress, why’d you go and change it around again. I’m not sure if I’m going to like this!

Yesterday I dropped the oldest off at Sunday School with grandmom and headed off to the gym.  I did the treadmill for 45 minutes, walking for 3 and running for 5.  Boy am I still sore from Saturday’s class.   But I stuck it out and did my 5 min run (jog) everytime my 3 minutes of walking was up.

Today I didn’t have to go to work so I had the boys.  I dumped them at day care so I could run to the gym.  And again I did the treadmill.  I upped my walking and running mph’s by .1.  Which I’m going to do again tomorrow.  Unless I go to a class.  There’s a strenth class tomorrow night at 7.  If I can make it there on time I think I’m going to do that and maybe hop on the treadmill afterwards, it depends on how I feel.  But I’m definitely not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, especially since I haven’t been there in over a week.  But I have to go back at some point and the 2 year old may not survive another day with me! Boy I can’t wait for this (st)age to be over.  But then again there are some great moments too.  I just have to remeber that when I’m ready to rip my hair out.

I’m using today as my official weigh and measurement day.  I’ve still have lost 5 pounds, so hopefully it’ll stay off.  And I’ll have an idea if what I’m doing is working by seeing if I lost any inches too.

Well I got up in time to make it to the class and boy did it kick my butt!  It was called ‘Power Pump’ and it incorporated everything in that darn room.  We used a weighted bar, free weights, a step, a ball, a mat and it was cardio.  For a whole hour I tried my best to keep up with the rest of the fit ‘n lean regulars as I stumbled my way through the workout.  But I did it, for the most part, and I’m going to try hard  to make it every week.  It’ll help because I actually knew someone there and she goes every week.  She was my high school lunch lady!! And she was the nice one! 🙂  So now I have a ‘class’.  Every Saturday morning I’ll be at the gym from 8:30 – 9:30 while everyone else is in their cozy beds watching cartoons.  But at least I’ll be healthier!!

Well I met with a trainer today.  We worked on the treadmill, she had me walk and run on the treadmill for half an hour.  We decided that since my main goal is weight loss, I really should aim to go 6 times a week until I’m down to my goal weight and then go 3 – 4 times a week to maintain.  I will mainly be doing cardio.

Technically I’m down 5 pounds but  I contribute that to my illness.  I really haven’t loss any inches though.  So I won’t be surprised if I don’t lose any weight this week.  As long as I don’t gain.

I am going to try my best to get up tomorrow and go to a class in the morning for cardio.  Right now I think my schedule is going to be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Treadmill/other cardio equipment; Tuesday, Saturaday – classes; take Thursdays off.  But we’ll see how that goes.