We’ve been crazy busy.  Wonderboy was sick again and sharing the puking/pooping fun with the rest of the family.  2 1/2 weeks later I think we’re all better. . . . .

Healthy enough just in time for my INTERVIEW! Yup, I went on an interview.  With the same district but it would/should be a huge increase in pay.  It’s in administration and I would be an assistant director which is pretty high up there.  I would be responsible for analyzing data from our standardized tests.  I already analyze data with our pregnant and parenting information, just on a smaller scale.  Instead of handling 200 students, I’d be handling 18000 students worth of data.

They are doing second interviews next week.  I hope to hear by next Monday/Tuesday if I have a second interview.  I don’t know. . . . I’ve heard rumors that they were looking at hiring within the department, but then that will open another job that I may be eligible for and get more pay.  We’ll see.


No time to write. . . . . . . .

screaming kids


hot tub waiting for a home in NC  *hint, hint*

sister’s maybe divorce

back to work full-time

entertaining company


friend can’t handling the family life


sooooooo tired

and he wants to nurse again!

Okay, so my oldest son went through the puke fest, then my husband, and now my 2 month old. When will it end!!!

We’re not sure if he has a tummy virus or if it’s due to a vaccine he got last Friday. He was given an oral form of the rotavirus. And on our information sheet it says that a mild side effect is vomiting within 7 days of the vaccine. He started Wednesday night. Last night my hubby called the Docs and they’re leaning towards a stomach bug. After throwing up about 9 times yesterday, we’ve only thrown up 2 times so far today. I think we’re doing good. Luckily he really hasn’t had a fever (couple of times felt warm) or any other signs. And he is still eating and peeing. So hopefully this is passing.

I am tired of changing his and my outfit every couple of hours. Oh, did I mention he pooped on me too! And I’m getting a sinus infection from not being able to take me allergy meds. And I got a double dose of allergies when I had to go to work Wednesday because I had to relocate to a basement that had a ‘water’ problem and I think has mold now. By the time I left for the day I could barely breathe and was sneezing non-stop.

I just hope I don’t get sick with the stomach bug!

If everyone could just give me one dollar then I would not have to go back to work. Really, what’s one dollar? That’s all I need, one dollar, from every one. Okay, it doesn’t have to be from everyone, just half the world can give me one dollar or every one could just even give me 50 cents. I’m not asking for much. Consider it a donation, I’ll send you a receipt.

So what do you get for your dollar??

1. One less female driver during rush hour. Especially one that’s pissed off at her job and can’t wait to see her babies!
2. More time spent focusing on molding 2 future productive members of society.
3. One less very hostile worker in social services.
4. Since I can quit my job, your tax dollars would no longer pay my grant funded salary.
5. One very happy mommy!
6. It’ll be cheaper than paying for my bankruptcy debt when I quit my job and live off of credit cards for as long as possible.
7. It will also be cheaper than one more family on welfare sucking more tax dollars from your paycheck.
8.  You will also be helping to save the environment because I wouldn’t be driving to daycare and work everyday therefore I would not be using much gas or emitting extra carbon dioxide.

I think that’s quite a deal for one dollar. So what do you say? I look forward to your contributions.

Did I mention today I had to go in to work for the first time since having the baby. Yeah, it sucked that bad. Please don’t make me go back. Scrape together your change and make a mommy happy.

So I’ve been trying to figure out my maternity leave schedule. Since I don’t get any paid time I need to use my sick and vacation days that I have saved up. However that had me returning to work one day a week when the baby would only be 5 weeks old. And also taking 2 whole weeks unpaid until my sick and vacation days renew. I then could use more time and I would be back full time when the baby’s 15 weeks old.

2 weeks unpaid! Well, we’ll figure it out but it’s definitely going to be tight. I decided to call HR to confirm my sick days. And apparently I have 28 more sick days than what I thought. WHAT??? How many days??? So now a lot changes.
– I don’t have to work up to the day before my c-section, I’m taking the 3 days before off.
– I don’t have to return when he’s only 5 weeks old, I’m starting a one day a week work schedule when he’s 8 1/2 weeks old.
– I don’t have to take ANY unpaid time!!!!! Woo-hoo!

I almost went into labor when I heard the news. Do I think it’s 100% accurate? Who am I to argue with HR. I’ve been there for 8 years, my sick days to carry over from year to year; so possibly. I am soooo excited! YEAH!!! So I only have 6 more work days to go!!!!

So I really haven’t gotten out at all. I have good ‘excuses’ but I need to get past them. I talked with my ‘running partner’ and she hit 4.2 miles the other day. WOW I can’t believe she’s already there. That’s way ahead of our training schedule. She is doing very well and I am sooo proud of her. So yea for her!

Now on to me. I have been very tired, for starters. And Wonder Boy has been really sick. We had to visit the ER at 4:30 in the morning over the weekend due to an ear infection. Then 2 1/2 days later he got a stomach virus and was violently puking for 12 hours until he ‘passed’ out and slept for 14 hours straight until I woke up him and Wonder Man with a phone call wondering why I didn’t hear from them yet. (I was at work since I can’t take days off pre-labor because I’ll lose them post-labor.) But apparently that’s what he needed and he’s doing much better on day 6. But it made if very difficult to get out.

Reason 3, I’ve been working extra hours since it’s the beginning of the year for school. So that cut into some of my ‘me’ time too. But I must say from reading comments posted I am building my motivation and it has really helped to be cheered on. I did make an ‘effort’ the other day when we went to a county fair and I had my husband park 1/2 mile from the actual fair. For 2 reasons, one for the exercise and two because it was FREE parking!! So I did get some exercise that day. Plus we walked around for 3 hours! So I am trying here and there. I think I’ll try and get myself out of the office for a little bit tomorrow. I have yet to get a real lunch break anyways. I don’t think you could call taking bites of a sandwich through phone calls, answering emails and office interruptions. So I will try my best tomorrow to get out!! Thank you all for your continuing support! I see the docs on Monday!!