We all went to Knoebels this weekend with my mom and sister.   Which is a great place for families.  There is no parking fees, no entrance fees and you can either purchase an all day wrist band or individual tickets.  Wonder Baby just hung out in the  stroller most of the day.  But Wonder Boy had fun, I think.  Although he has the body of a 3 or some 4 year old (over 3 feet tall and 33 pounds) he is only 2 years old (and 5 months).  He was able to go on a lot more rides than what he was ready for.  Wonder Man on the other hand was a grumpy lump.  He doesn’t do a lot of rides and the ones he does do he didn’t want to go on either.  (more…)


10. Take your time and enjoy it. There is a lot to see. No matter what country you’re driving 3000 miles in, there’s always a lot to see. You may never have this chance again.


dsc02550.jpg We’ve been friends for 6 years. We are best friends for that matter. She was my go to gal, through thick and thin. So of course when she drops me off at an airport 3000 miles from home, 2 days before my flight, without looking back, I think, What the hell just happened these past 20 hours??