I got up and ran to the gym today even though my schedule was tight and I barely had a minute.  I was only able to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes but I did 2 miles in that time.  Boy is my shoulder killing me though!

After they gym I had to run home, shower, get the baby ready, finish making a casserole, pack the diaper bag and run out the door in 30 minutes (it took me 45).  We went to church today and had a covered dish lunch and then our advent workshop.  And back home to clean! Yeah, what fun.


So my birthday and Christmas (which I celebrate) are only 9 days apart.  It has always been a bit harder time for me since my birthday gets over looked; which is an understatement.  I really have had crappy birthdays, no really. Well you asked for it, here comes the stories. . . .