Okay, I don’t even know what day I’m on anymore!  I fell off the wagon and it rode off without me!! 😦

With having the winter break, and working for a school district, I was off for 2 weeks; you would have thought I would have spent more time at the gym.  Wrong!! I was running around a lot, the kids were sick and we went away to visit our good friends.   I took my stuff with in hopes of running, but it didn’t happen.  So I was definitely going to do it when I got home but the baby got a virus and had a fever of 102+ for 3 days and only wanted me.  So me going anywhere wasn’t going to happen.   And before I knew it break was over and a week and a half passed and I did squat!  (Well I didn’t even do that! hehehe)

So where am I today??

I actually did not put on any weight on my hiatus!!!!  Which I was extremely shocked when I stepped on the scale this Monday.  My measurements haven’t changed either.  Then I think what would have happened if I was working out.  Oh well, can’t think of that, at least I didn’t gain!

Second, I have been at the gym every day this week so far.  I think I do much better in a structured scheduled day than I do on days where I’m just hanging out and ‘I will get there when I get there’.  My schedule is drop kids off at daycare, go to work, go to the gym, pick kids up from daycare, go home.  And as long as I stick to that, I think I’ll be okay.  And I won’t have another two weeks off until next winter break so by then I should be more disciplined!!!

My next big issue I need to tackle is diet, and that is a HUGE issue!!  But I’m not losing nearly as much as I thought I would with how much I am/was going to the gym.  It’s been about 2  months and I’ve only lost 4 pounds and that has a major illness included that helped greatly with that loss.  So I know I need to work on that I just don’t know what, how, when . . . .

So please send all the encouragement you can cause I need all the help I can get!!!!!


Day 22: It’s my day off.  Good, cause I’m not feeling so hot again!

Day 23: I dragged my self in to see the trainer and she just looked at me and said, “Why are you here?”  We talked a little and she sent me home to rest and relax and advised not to come in until Monday.

Day 24: Ok I offically feel like crap!  And I have plans to make a bunch of Christmas cookies.  I got some done so that was good.

Day 25: Still feel awful and we’re goin tree hunting today.  We finally found a tree and went Christmas lights looking.  But still now gym.

Day 26: Let alone I still have an awful cough and sore throat, the baby was up throwing up last night.  Not a fun night!  So I will pass on today also, but I am really going to try and get in tomorrow for my class.  I am so tired of being sick!!  When will this end???  I am dowm another pound and 1 1/2 inches, so . . . .

Ok, so the hubby has strep, AGAIN, and I’m behind.  But I’ll have you all know I haven’t slacked off because of it!!

Day 13: I went to the gym and did a class! I think I’m going to like it and there were nice people there.  And the instructor was really nice too.  So now I have a Saturday class and a Tuesday class.  It was titled Strength Intervals but it was a bunch of cardio using items.  A lot like my Saturday class, but that’s fine.  She does a 1/2 hour of abs before the 7 o’clock class but I’m not sure I’m ready for that.  She suggested that I come 10 minutes at the end to do some.  Maybe starting January.

Day 14: I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 3 minutes at 3.2 mph and ran (jogged) at 4.7 for 5 minutes and went back and forth with that for 45 minutes.  I’m doing pretty good and at those speeds I broke the 3 mile mark.  So at this point it may be possible to do a 5k in under 45 minutes!  YAY!

Day 15: I TOOK THE DAY OFF!!  6 out of 7 days ain’t bad for a novice.

Tomorrow I have my training appointment at 8 (at night).  So we’ll see how that goes.

So I weighed and measured and recorded and do not like the numbers I’m seeing! I’m only going to measure once a week.

Now it was off to the gym even though i didn’t want to go.  My first training session is scheduled for Saturday.  But when I got there my trainer was in a knee brace.  She injured herself at cheerleading.  We rescheduled for later next week.  So off to the treadmill for me.

I walked my first mile, ran .5 walked again for another .5, then ran another .5.  I finished off walking to end a 5k at 51:57.  Boy was I drained!!

Well I had all the best intentions of going today even though I am sore all over. However I can’t eat, drink, swallow or barely talk.  We called the docs and they’re treating me for strep due to all my symptoms.  Great, just when I get started I already have a set back.  At least my  training appointment was rescheduled!  I’m just going to see how things go and if I’m going to make it over tomorrow.  I really don’t want to make my self worse for the holiday!

We’ve been crazy busy.  Wonderboy was sick again and sharing the puking/pooping fun with the rest of the family.  2 1/2 weeks later I think we’re all better. . . . .

Healthy enough just in time for my INTERVIEW! Yup, I went on an interview.  With the same district but it would/should be a huge increase in pay.  It’s in administration and I would be an assistant director which is pretty high up there.  I would be responsible for analyzing data from our standardized tests.  I already analyze data with our pregnant and parenting information, just on a smaller scale.  Instead of handling 200 students, I’d be handling 18000 students worth of data.

They are doing second interviews next week.  I hope to hear by next Monday/Tuesday if I have a second interview.  I don’t know. . . . I’ve heard rumors that they were looking at hiring within the department, but then that will open another job that I may be eligible for and get more pay.  We’ll see.

It began almost 3 weeks ago and I hope it’s finally wrapping up!  I am the end of Puke Fest with my contributions last night.

Let me tell you, spaghetti and ice cream do not look or smell as good coming out as it did going in.  And unfortunately all I could grab was my son’s little bath tub to puke in.  It is now at the kitchen sink waiting to be bleached out.

Starting with my 2 year old, then going to my husband, who passed it on to our 2 month old, and ending with me; puke fest was quite eventful with over 20 contributions in the last 3 weeks.  Hopefully we are now all over it in time to enjoy the events of this weekend.

And I lost a couple of pounds in the process!

Okay, so my oldest son went through the puke fest, then my husband, and now my 2 month old. When will it end!!!

We’re not sure if he has a tummy virus or if it’s due to a vaccine he got last Friday. He was given an oral form of the rotavirus. And on our information sheet it says that a mild side effect is vomiting within 7 days of the vaccine. He started Wednesday night. Last night my hubby called the Docs and they’re leaning towards a stomach bug. After throwing up about 9 times yesterday, we’ve only thrown up 2 times so far today. I think we’re doing good. Luckily he really hasn’t had a fever (couple of times felt warm) or any other signs. And he is still eating and peeing. So hopefully this is passing.

I am tired of changing his and my outfit every couple of hours. Oh, did I mention he pooped on me too! And I’m getting a sinus infection from not being able to take me allergy meds. And I got a double dose of allergies when I had to go to work Wednesday because I had to relocate to a basement that had a ‘water’ problem and I think has mold now. By the time I left for the day I could barely breathe and was sneezing non-stop.

I just hope I don’t get sick with the stomach bug!

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