Sorry, it’s been awhile, but I’m back.  Well maybe. . . . . we’ll see.  🙂

No time to write. . . . . . . .

screaming kids


hot tub waiting for a home in NC  *hint, hint*

sister’s maybe divorce

back to work full-time

entertaining company


friend can’t handling the family life


sooooooo tired

and he wants to nurse again!

Although this would sound like a story from my sister, it’s actually from a friend.  Again, if I wasn’t directly connected to this person, I’d never believe the story.  But every time I hear it I still crack up laughing.   So I thought I’d share this one too. (more…)

*A picture to come soon!* So Wonder Man’s dad called up and offered up a couch. Barely used and a recliner on both ends. The colors match our living room colors so Wonder Man said we’d take it.


10. Take your time and enjoy it. There is a lot to see. No matter what country you’re driving 3000 miles in, there’s always a lot to see. You may never have this chance again.


dsc02550.jpg We’ve been friends for 6 years. We are best friends for that matter. She was my go to gal, through thick and thin. So of course when she drops me off at an airport 3000 miles from home, 2 days before my flight, without looking back, I think, What the hell just happened these past 20 hours??


From Spider BobI would like to personally thank LouFCD of Crowded Head, Cozy Bed for all his mentoring and future ‘troubleshooting’. (more…)