Well I did another round of visits today.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a weight measurement at my ultra-sound visit.  He is weighing in at 6 pounds 15 ounces.  That puts him into the 65th percentile.  Everything look good and it was on to the monitoring room.  I got stuck on the monitor for a bit longer, his heart rate was up and down which is good and what they want to see; but when it was up it was around 190 bpm sometimes.  But since everything else looked normal I was free to go!

Next stop, the endocrinologist.   I felt that I had some really low numbers but they were okay with them.  There were no changes made to my amount of insulin.  My swelling isn’t that bad, just slightly.  And because I have more of a desk job then I’m still okay to continue working.  Yeah. *heavy sarcasm*  And then the doc sent me off for blood work.  Just to see where some numbers are, I guess.  Three hours later I’m headed home.

At my last visit I was told that the baby is sitting a bit lower than normal, where he remains today.  And I have a bit more pelvic swelling than normal, hence the extra pressure and pain I have been feeling.  Solution; lay down when I feel it.  HA, if it were only that easy.  Try and explain that to a two year old who wants to play and a job that wants me to work.  Oh, and a house that needs cleaning.  Well, I’m trying my best; at least there’s only 24 days to go!

I had an appointment last Thursday and it was okay.  I had 2 mild contractions while hooked up to the machine and the baby’s heart rate dipped low but didn’t stay low and came back up on his own.  Things they are now watching more closely.

Then I went to pick up my son and he had a fever.  Since I can’t afford to take any days off from work he stayed home with hubby.   He didn’t throw up until Saturday morning and his fever finally broke around Saturday afternoon, just when we lost electric.  Yep from 6 at night until 11 the next morning we had no power.  By the morning the house temp was in the low 50s (Fahrenheit).  So we packed ourselves up and off to my mom’s we went.  Of course we are only 2 miles away from her.  But we went back once the house warmed up some.

Today I had another visit, of course.  The ultra-sound went well and I had two contractions again.  But his heart rate was very good.  He seems to have a higher heart rate in the afternoon.  But that just means he takes after the rest of the family, NOT MORNING PEOPLE!!! ; )  Then the diabetic clinic called.  They are upping my doses again!  My breakfast, lunch and bedtime shots are all increasing by 2 – 4 units.  Will this never end???  Okay, it will, in 5 weeks!

I went for a ‘bio-physical’.   Which basically means an ultra-sound to check the amniotic fluid levels, the organs and the weight of the baby.  Then I go on a machine where two belts are put around me and it monitors the baby’s heart rate and my uterine activity, called a non-stress test (NST).   The ultra-sound went well as did the NST.   The baby has to increase his heart rate two times for an additional 20 bpm for a minute duration.  He also has to move so many times during the 20 minutes.  I did have a minor contraction, not that that’s what they’re looking for.

My endocrinologist called  and we had to up my dosages more!  I can’t get any more shots at this point but I can get more insulin.  I’m just wondering wen I’ll level out, if ever.  I took my increase dose for dinner and apparently it didn’t work because my glucose number was still high.  Only 45 days to go!