Okay, I don’t even know what day I’m on anymore!  I fell off the wagon and it rode off without me!! 😦

With having the winter break, and working for a school district, I was off for 2 weeks; you would have thought I would have spent more time at the gym.  Wrong!! I was running around a lot, the kids were sick and we went away to visit our good friends.   I took my stuff with in hopes of running, but it didn’t happen.  So I was definitely going to do it when I got home but the baby got a virus and had a fever of 102+ for 3 days and only wanted me.  So me going anywhere wasn’t going to happen.   And before I knew it break was over and a week and a half passed and I did squat!  (Well I didn’t even do that! hehehe)

So where am I today??

I actually did not put on any weight on my hiatus!!!!  Which I was extremely shocked when I stepped on the scale this Monday.  My measurements haven’t changed either.  Then I think what would have happened if I was working out.  Oh well, can’t think of that, at least I didn’t gain!

Second, I have been at the gym every day this week so far.  I think I do much better in a structured scheduled day than I do on days where I’m just hanging out and ‘I will get there when I get there’.  My schedule is drop kids off at daycare, go to work, go to the gym, pick kids up from daycare, go home.  And as long as I stick to that, I think I’ll be okay.  And I won’t have another two weeks off until next winter break so by then I should be more disciplined!!!

My next big issue I need to tackle is diet, and that is a HUGE issue!!  But I’m not losing nearly as much as I thought I would with how much I am/was going to the gym.  It’s been about 2  months and I’ve only lost 4 pounds and that has a major illness included that helped greatly with that loss.  So I know I need to work on that I just don’t know what, how, when . . . .

So please send all the encouragement you can cause I need all the help I can get!!!!!


Yesterday I dropped the oldest off at Sunday School with grandmom and headed off to the gym.  I did the treadmill for 45 minutes, walking for 3 and running for 5.  Boy am I still sore from Saturday’s class.   But I stuck it out and did my 5 min run (jog) everytime my 3 minutes of walking was up.

Today I didn’t have to go to work so I had the boys.  I dumped them at day care so I could run to the gym.  And again I did the treadmill.  I upped my walking and running mph’s by .1.  Which I’m going to do again tomorrow.  Unless I go to a class.  There’s a strenth class tomorrow night at 7.  If I can make it there on time I think I’m going to do that and maybe hop on the treadmill afterwards, it depends on how I feel.  But I’m definitely not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, especially since I haven’t been there in over a week.  But I have to go back at some point and the 2 year old may not survive another day with me! Boy I can’t wait for this (st)age to be over.  But then again there are some great moments too.  I just have to remeber that when I’m ready to rip my hair out.

I’m using today as my official weigh and measurement day.  I’ve still have lost 5 pounds, so hopefully it’ll stay off.  And I’ll have an idea if what I’m doing is working by seeing if I lost any inches too.

We’ve been crazy busy.  Wonderboy was sick again and sharing the puking/pooping fun with the rest of the family.  2 1/2 weeks later I think we’re all better. . . . .

Healthy enough just in time for my INTERVIEW! Yup, I went on an interview.  With the same district but it would/should be a huge increase in pay.  It’s in administration and I would be an assistant director which is pretty high up there.  I would be responsible for analyzing data from our standardized tests.  I already analyze data with our pregnant and parenting information, just on a smaller scale.  Instead of handling 200 students, I’d be handling 18000 students worth of data.

They are doing second interviews next week.  I hope to hear by next Monday/Tuesday if I have a second interview.  I don’t know. . . . I’ve heard rumors that they were looking at hiring within the department, but then that will open another job that I may be eligible for and get more pay.  We’ll see.

So I was actually getting out of the house without the boys and not going to work.  I was off to a bridal shower.  But I had to make one stop on the way.  I needed a card.  I ran into the closest food store since I had to get cash back for the tolls.  And that’s when it happened to me; I was discriminated against because I am heavy and not as pretty (right now I am sitting on a 5’5 frame at 199 pounds).  Now I know some of you may read this and think I was too sensitive or reading the situation wrong, and that may be.  But that’s not how I felt.

I picked out a card fairly quick since I was running late.  There were 5 lines jutting out in to the aisles.  I was going to stand in line longer than it took me to pick out this darn card.  As I headed down to the last two aisles, since they seemed the shortest, I noticed the lane closed sign up on the one.  I’ve worked at a grocery store when I was younger and I remember trying to leave at the end of my shift.  People would always try and sneak to the end of my line after I put up my sign and boy would it piss me off.  So I stepped into the line across from the closed register and waited.

As I stood there shifting back and forth impatiently I watched the other line slowly dwindle.  My cashier was finally checking out the person in front of me, who had a good amount of items.  The closed register was finally done and he started to clean up his station.

When all of a sudden I heard, pssst.

I look over to the closed register as did the people behind me; a couple, athletic build, blond, cute couple.  The cashier was looking at them and said, “I can check you out real quick if you want”.  And without hesitation they shifted over with their 10 – 12 items.  And there I stood with my card in hand waiting as I heard him say, “I feel bad seeing you wait, I can take you real quick.”

What just happened.  What the . . . . .

How is it that they were invited over and I wasn’t.  I was standing there longer and I only had a card, that’s it.  He could easily see me because there was nothing in the middle to spilt the two registers, the belts were both on the inside of the aisle so the registers both sat on the outside and there was one big aisle to walk through.

My conculsion is that I appear ugly because of excess weight.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying heavy set people are ugly.  I’m saying I am ugly when I am fat.  I have a very good friend that is heavier and she is really pretty.  I couldn’t imagine her thin.  She wouldn’t look right.  I feel the same about Queen Latifa.  She looks great.  She would not look good thin/skinny.

So there I stood, fighting back tears, trying to hold back from making a scene.  You can’t just randomly take customers after you have closed your lane.  There are only three types of people I would consider it okay, elderly, pregnant or a parent alone with a crying baby.  These two definitely did not fit any of these profiles.

So why were they invited over to the closed aisle and neither I nor anyone else was?

I wear my old ID tags behind my new one that I have to get every year at work.  When someone asks me why, I flip them over to about four years ago and tell them, “This is what I used to look like before kids, I haven’t always looked like this”.

No time to write. . . . . . . .

screaming kids


hot tub waiting for a home in NC  *hint, hint*

sister’s maybe divorce

back to work full-time

entertaining company


friend can’t handling the family life


sooooooo tired

and he wants to nurse again!

Last night we had to go to the Emergency Room for our 2 year old. It’s no fun when you know they are hurt but they can’t really tell you how or how bad.

He was horseplaying with his Aunt (whose only 13 herself) when he landed wrong on his arm. He kept crying “My arm, my arm” but it was anywhere from his upper arm to his wrist. We would get him calmed down but then we would shift him in our laps and he would start crying again. He would not lift it or wiggle his fingers for us. He didn’t even want to eat dinner, even though he was just telling us he was hungry. After 30 – 45 minutes and a dozen different bribes to try and get him to use his arm, we decided we better get it checked out. So we loaded up the car with all of us, no-one wanted to wait at home, and off we went. He wouldn’t even walk for us so I carried him in to the ER and with a calm voice said, “I think we have an injured arm.” They took us in and after the nurse, resident and a doc checked him, they decided it would be best to x-ray it!

Of course I felt that only his mommy could make him feel better so I had to carry him all the way to the x-ray room. They leaded me up and covered his little pelvic area and started taking pictures. It was hard to explain that he had to lay still while picture were being taken, especially since he didn’t want his ‘picture’ taken, he was in pain. But he did really well and the tech came over with stickers of Thomas the train. I knew there was definitely something wrong when he wouldn’t even grab them!

Well an HOUR later the doctor finally comes in and tells us the x-rays were normal. Then he walks over to Wonder Boy and as he is reaching for him says, ‘Let me just try . . . . ‘ and then he says. ‘That’s what I thought, it’s popped back in.’

ME: “What’s popped in? WHAT’S POPPED IN??”

Apparently his elbow what slightly dislocated. He cried a little and then was absolutely fine! He wanted to walk around, he was giving Daddy high-fives, he was looking in cabinets. He did a complete 180 from how he was just a minute ago. It was a freakin miracle! Thank goodness we took him to the ER, I had no clue that he dislocated his elbow.

We were sent home with instructions to try and ice it over the next couple of days and give him Tylenol or IBuprofren when needed. We need to take it easy over the next two weeks and try and not let him fall or get pulled by his arm. But he’s doing great. And this morning when I asked him how is arm was, he patted it and said, “Feel better”. And he’s been playing normally all day.

I tell ya, how quickly kids bounce back!

We all went to Knoebels this weekend with my mom and sister.   Which is a great place for families.  There is no parking fees, no entrance fees and you can either purchase an all day wrist band or individual tickets.  Wonder Baby just hung out in the  stroller most of the day.  But Wonder Boy had fun, I think.  Although he has the body of a 3 or some 4 year old (over 3 feet tall and 33 pounds) he is only 2 years old (and 5 months).  He was able to go on a lot more rides than what he was ready for.  Wonder Man on the other hand was a grumpy lump.  He doesn’t do a lot of rides and the ones he does do he didn’t want to go on either.  (more…)

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