Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I am a 30 something Community Liaison, in a public school district, for the ELECT Program. I have a bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State. GO PSU!!

I grew up watching Linda Carter as Wonder Woman and have always admire her strength, beauty and beliefs. I aspire to be a Wonder Woman. Themyscira is my own little world were I can escape reality and get all my frustrations out. Thank you all for being co-inhabitants of Themyscira.

The things that consume most of my time these days are work, my family and now running/exercising. I recently (18mos. ago) had a baby boy (Wonder Boy). So he is probably the biggest part of my life (right in line with my hubby (Wonder Man)). I started running a month ago (Aug. 2007) because I realized I needed to do something to help me battle my post-pregnacy weight and get healthy. (Now that I’m 18 months post!) In order to motivate myself I set out two goals. The first, to lose weight and get back into a Halloween costume that I wore a couple of years ago (but cannot find any pictures now). And the second was to complete a 5k, for now, and continue racing for as long as my legs will allow me. So far, I have lost 14lbs since the beginning of June and I can run 1.5 miles. Yeah! Oops, I got pregnant. I am due April 21, 2008. Now I will be exercising to keep my weight gain low. I am starting this pregnancy at a high weight and due to a bout of gestational diabetes the first time, it is most likely I’ll be attacked by that monster again. So it is really important for me to continue exercising in hopes to not have to do injections.  (As you can now read, I did have to do the injections and I had a boy April 17th)

I have decided to start blogging to help me through my journies of life. A lot of my blogging will be about my running and weight loss exercising and pregnancy but I’m sure this blog will take a life of it’s own as I continue down the road of life.

Please note that what may work for me may not work for you. I am just sharing my journey and opinions and looking for advice, support or whatever as I go along. And hopefully motivate you with your endeavors. I have talked with doctors and coaches on my approach and have incorporated things I’ve been told and things I’ve researched. I am in no means a professional. That said, thank you for stopping by and I look forward to reading what you all think.

Loves, Hugs and Kisses ~ Diana

7 Responses to “About Themyscira”

  1. That’s funny. I grew up watching Wonder Woman and I aspired to “do” Wonder Woman.

    Small world.

    Great blog.

  2. Diana Says:

    Ah, as many young boys did. Along with Daisy Duke and Princess Leia.

    Thanks for stopping over.

  3. Lou FCD Says:

    Daisy Duke and Princess Leia had a thing for Wonder Woman????

    I so totally never got that from them.

  4. Wait, Daisy, Leia and Wonder Woman?

    …that’s like where nerd terrorists go when they are martyred.

  5. Diana Says:

    No wonder you two got connected, you both know how to push me to the edge of annoyance while making me laugh. Welcome Kevin, stop by any time.

  6. Lynda Carter is still out fighting crime:,,20204981,00.html

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