I feel so defeated today.  I actually had more time then normal so I could do cardio and weights and I failed my mission.  My knee has been killing me and when I went in today I saw the trainer I’ve been working with.  She asked how I was doing and I mentioned that me knee really hurt.  She told me to hop on the elliptical since it’s easier on the joints.  Well I lasted 5 minutes on that darn thing and gave up!!  I felt awkward and my thighs were burning.  Definitely not the machine for me.  So I went back to my good ol’ treadmill but by then my calves started tightening up.  I tried running but it was way too painful all around.  I stuck to walking and made it 25 minutes before I quit.  I averaged a speed of 3.3 mph.

So I thought, well I’ll go do some weights, even though I really didn’t want to becuase by now the gym had filled up.  I was only going to work on upper body since my knee, calves and thighs were done for.  Well all the ones I was going to do were being used and by now I just felt like a useless pile of lard.  So instead of doing free weights I threw in the towel and called it a day.

I’m just so frustrated.  I have been going to the gym every day but Thursday and I put on 2 pounds! Really, is this how it’s going to work, cause it’s not going to work for me.