December 2008

Off to the gym I go, again.  I decided to hop on the eliptical again and give it a second chance; that and my knees are killing me!  I tried a different one that is very similar but I forget what it was called.  I faired a little better.  I did it for 7 minutes and 1/2 a mile!  Next time I’m aiming for 10 minutes.  Slowly but surely I’ll get there.  Then I went on to my tried and true, the treadmill.  I varied the running\walking speeds and I played with the incline.  All in all I was on for 39 minutes and 2.47 miles.  Not too bad.  Now, as long as this weather holds out, I am hoping to make it there tomorrow!


Day 27:  I was planning on going to my 7 o’clock class but my hubby didn’t get home until almost 7:30 and the baby was fussy and not feeling well . . . . so another day off, this has got to end!!  I have an appointment with the trainer tomorrow.  So I will have to go!

Day 28: I finally got in!  I saw my trainer for the last time but she was cool with me checking in with her once a week to make sure I’m staying on track.  We do 45 minutes on the treadmill; my knees still killing me.  We did a varied workout.  Different speeds and she played with the incline.  I was so winded by the end!  I did 2.63 miles in the 45 minutes.  I’m planning on going in tomorrow right after work since I have to go to a winter concert for my sister-in-law and won’t have time later.  I’m hoping I’m done with being sick for a while and we can see some real progress!!!

Day 22: It’s my day off.  Good, cause I’m not feeling so hot again!

Day 23: I dragged my self in to see the trainer and she just looked at me and said, “Why are you here?”  We talked a little and she sent me home to rest and relax and advised not to come in until Monday.

Day 24: Ok I offically feel like crap!  And I have plans to make a bunch of Christmas cookies.  I got some done so that was good.

Day 25: Still feel awful and we’re goin tree hunting today.  We finally found a tree and went Christmas lights looking.  But still now gym.

Day 26: Let alone I still have an awful cough and sore throat, the baby was up throwing up last night.  Not a fun night!  So I will pass on today also, but I am really going to try and get in tomorrow for my class.  I am so tired of being sick!!  When will this end???  I am dowm another pound and 1 1/2 inches, so . . . .

I feel so defeated today.  I actually had more time then normal so I could do cardio and weights and I failed my mission.  My knee has been killing me and when I went in today I saw the trainer I’ve been working with.  She asked how I was doing and I mentioned that me knee really hurt.  She told me to hop on the elliptical since it’s easier on the joints.  Well I lasted 5 minutes on that darn thing and gave up!!  I felt awkward and my thighs were burning.  Definitely not the machine for me.  So I went back to my good ol’ treadmill but by then my calves started tightening up.  I tried running but it was way too painful all around.  I stuck to walking and made it 25 minutes before I quit.  I averaged a speed of 3.3 mph.

So I thought, well I’ll go do some weights, even though I really didn’t want to becuase by now the gym had filled up.  I was only going to work on upper body since my knee, calves and thighs were done for.  Well all the ones I was going to do were being used and by now I just felt like a useless pile of lard.  So instead of doing free weights I threw in the towel and called it a day.

I’m just so frustrated.  I have been going to the gym every day but Thursday and I put on 2 pounds! Really, is this how it’s going to work, cause it’s not going to work for me.

Day19:  Okay, what’s going on, I’m going to the gym 6 out of 7 days and I don’t lose weight!!  What the heck! My eating has only slightly improved but it definitely hasn’t gotten worse.  Not even a pound.  Well I still went, right after work.  I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked so I only got to hop on the treadmill for 45 minutes; no weights. But I did okay.  I did  3 minute walk at 3.3 mph and 5 minute jog at 4.7 mph for a total of 3.07 miles in the 45 minutes.  Not too bad for a novice.   But my legs were definitely sore, especially my calves.

Day 20: I ran off as soon as hubby got in.  I got there a couple of minutes before my 7 o’clock class.  I hopped on the treadmill for a little warm-up and did 5 minutes.  Then we had class.  It was more weights this week.  It was fun and went by quickly.  I would say 10% cardio and 90% weights; but my heart was going the whole time because of the weights.  I like Donna, she does a good job.

It’s been hetic trying to get to the gym but I think I finally got my schedule down.
Sunday= morning while the older one is at Sunday School
Monday = right after work, before I get the boys
Tuesday = 7 pm for class
Wednesday = right after work again
Thursday = OFF
Friday = 8 pm after hubby is home and kids are more settled
Saturday = 8:30 am class

And I just have to stick to the schedule and make it part of my daily routine for now untill I lose the weight and then cut back to 3 days a week.

I got up and ran to the gym today even though my schedule was tight and I barely had a minute.  I was only able to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes but I did 2 miles in that time.  Boy is my shoulder killing me though!

After they gym I had to run home, shower, get the baby ready, finish making a casserole, pack the diaper bag and run out the door in 30 minutes (it took me 45).  We went to church today and had a covered dish lunch and then our advent workshop.  And back home to clean! Yeah, what fun.

Day 16: Yesterday I went to the gym to meet my trainer.  I warmed up on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then we hit the weights.  We did some free weights and a bunch of machines.  We worked on arms, back chest, legs, pretty much everything.  The only thing I had trouble with was the shoulder press because of my rotator cuff.  I just couldn’t do it.   So we’re going to hold off on that for a little bit.

We then discussed what my schedule should be and it pretty much looks like this:
Mon.  45m on treadmill and weights
Tue. Class cardio/strength
Wed. 45m on treadmill and weights
Thur.  OFF
Fri. 45m on treadmill (maybe weights) *last session with trainer is next friday and we’ll finalize the schedule
Sat. morning class of cardio/some strength
Sun. treadmill only

Day 17: Holy crap! I went to class this morning and it kicked my butt!  She decided to do 80% strength and only 20% cardio.  Well only 12 hours earlier I did all weights.  So I was getting my butt kicked.  I saw my trainer as I was leaving and we’re going to re-think our Friday sessions with having that class in morning.  I really think I’m going to feel it in the morning tomorrow, but I need to push through and get my butt on that treadmill.

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