Well I got up in time to make it to the class and boy did it kick my butt!  It was called ‘Power Pump’ and it incorporated everything in that darn room.  We used a weighted bar, free weights, a step, a ball, a mat and it was cardio.  For a whole hour I tried my best to keep up with the rest of the fit ‘n lean regulars as I stumbled my way through the workout.  But I did it, for the most part, and I’m going to try hard  to make it every week.  It’ll help because I actually knew someone there and she goes every week.  She was my high school lunch lady!! And she was the nice one! 🙂  So now I have a ‘class’.  Every Saturday morning I’ll be at the gym from 8:30 – 9:30 while everyone else is in their cozy beds watching cartoons.  But at least I’ll be healthier!!