So I weighed and measured and recorded and do not like the numbers I’m seeing! I’m only going to measure once a week.

Now it was off to the gym even though i didn’t want to go.  My first training session is scheduled for Saturday.  But when I got there my trainer was in a knee brace.  She injured herself at cheerleading.  We rescheduled for later next week.  So off to the treadmill for me.

I walked my first mile, ran .5 walked again for another .5, then ran another .5.  I finished off walking to end a 5k at 51:57.  Boy was I drained!!

Well I had all the best intentions of going today even though I am sore all over. However I can’t eat, drink, swallow or barely talk.  We called the docs and they’re treating me for strep due to all my symptoms.  Great, just when I get started I already have a set back.  At least my  training appointment was rescheduled!  I’m just going to see how things go and if I’m going to make it over tomorrow.  I really don’t want to make my self worse for the holiday!