OH NO!!! What did I do last night?? I hope I didn’t make a big mistake.  I better be committed. I guess only time will tell.I joined a gym.  Yep, had to do it.  I have been just packing on the pounds and I need help.  They had a good deal and I know I’m not going to run/walk/jog outside, it’s just too darn cold.  And I need to lose about the size of a 10 year old.  So I signed up but of course the best overall deal was a 2 year commitment.  I should be committed, to the looney bin, what was I thinking????

So today is day 1 and I did. . . .nothing.  Absolutely nothing. It’s been a crazy day and I couldn’t get over there, already. I’m hoping tomorrow, but I’m definitely going to be there Saturday.  I have to, I have an appointment with a trainer.  Well I have no choice now, I’m finiacially commited and I better get my money’s worth.

It’s a nice place, not a chain. It has a free weight room, treadmills, elipticals, steppers, circuit machines, a class room, pool, suana, steam room, eucalyptus room (??), tanning beds, on-sight chiropractor, massage therapist and a certified physical therapy doctor.   They even have about ten treadmills in the areobics room that have TVs on them! It’s a nice little place that have very available hours.  They open at 5am and close at 10pm, monday through friday.  And they have shorter hours on the weekends, but ones that I can work with.

So no more excuses, I need to become a MILF!!