We’ve been crazy busy.  Wonderboy was sick again and sharing the puking/pooping fun with the rest of the family.  2 1/2 weeks later I think we’re all better. . . . .

Healthy enough just in time for my INTERVIEW! Yup, I went on an interview.  With the same district but it would/should be a huge increase in pay.  It’s in administration and I would be an assistant director which is pretty high up there.  I would be responsible for analyzing data from our standardized tests.  I already analyze data with our pregnant and parenting information, just on a smaller scale.  Instead of handling 200 students, I’d be handling 18000 students worth of data.

They are doing second interviews next week.  I hope to hear by next Monday/Tuesday if I have a second interview.  I don’t know. . . . I’ve heard rumors that they were looking at hiring within the department, but then that will open another job that I may be eligible for and get more pay.  We’ll see.