We all went to Knoebels this weekend with my mom and sister.   Which is a great place for families.  There is no parking fees, no entrance fees and you can either purchase an all day wrist band or individual tickets.  Wonder Baby just hung out in the  stroller most of the day.  But Wonder Boy had fun, I think.  Although he has the body of a 3 or some 4 year old (over 3 feet tall and 33 pounds) he is only 2 years old (and 5 months).  He was able to go on a lot more rides than what he was ready for.  Wonder Man on the other hand was a grumpy lump.  He doesn’t do a lot of rides and the ones he does do he didn’t want to go on either. 

We decided to start it off lite and took a train ride.  Well he liked it so much he wanted to go again, but right then and there, not wanting to wait in line.  He also really didn’t understand the line concept.  After much kicking and screaming, Grandmom took him back on while we got food.  After eating we headed to the smaller rides.

He loved the bumper cars, ball crawl, not so much the Carousel, we had to move him from a moving horse to a stand still one.  He also did not like the moon bounce.  As soon as someone jumped he freaked out.  He loved the remote boats that you control with a wheel.  And we took a ride in the Antique Cars.  He was tall enough for the log flume and we talked about it and showed him the ride.  He wanted to go on, and he waited great in line.  But as soon as I tried putting him in the log with me, he freaked out and they told me I had to get off since he wouldn’t sit nicely.  So my mom and sister got stuck on it because they don’t stop the boats and I had to quickly jump off and they didn’t have a chance to get off.

We ended up spending about 6 1/2 hours there and it was enough for a tired 2 year old.  We were in the car about 2 minutes before he was out cold.  We took lots of pics but of course they are still in the camera.  I definitely cannot wait until they are a little older and I can take them on the roller coasters with me and we’ll leave grumpy at home!