So let alone having to go into work this week and getting over being sick myself; I may have been dealing with a sick son again???

This may be too stomach churning for some, so be warned.

My oldest had some blood in his diaper after a bowel movement Monday afternoon.  Not much but enough for me to notice and be concerned.  I called the Dr.’s and they told me they (secretary) would give him the message and he would call me back.  I waited and waited and no call.  Both my mom and my husband, well and myself, felt that it was probably from him straining while going and it wasn’t like he had rectal bleeding.  I was mad that the Dr. didn’t call me, so I didn’t call him the next day since there was no blood with the other diaper changes.   I know, so mature, but it wasn’t too much blood and it only happened that one time.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon when it happened again.  He didn’t go on Tuesday so Wednesday I gave him 4oz of apple/prune juice.  Two hours later he went, and there was blood again, and a little more than Monday’s diaper.  I called the Dr.’s but I got their answering service.  Apparently you have a choice, they will page the Dr. right away or they collect all the messages and he calls them back around 8 at night.  Since it was just in the diaper and poop, and he wasn’t rectally bleeding, I told him that I would wait for the 8 o’clock call.  I told her what happened Monday and she assured me that he would call.  Well, he did.  And he claimed that he called and left a message on Monday.  I choose not to get into a pissing contest, but I never left my phone the entire night Monday and I always had service bars registered on my phone, so he called the wrong number!!
Anyways, he wanted to see him in the morning.  And my son ended up having another dirty diaper with blood that night, we were definitely going to be there.

So we went in this morning.  I was prepared for what the doctor had to do, and I felt bad, but it had to be done.  My job, well, my job was to hold his legs up and hold his hands down and talk to him while he ‘checked’ him and obtain a sample.  There was blood in that sample so he was sending us for blood work.  He still feels that it’s just blood from straining.  Since it has always been very red it most likely wasn’t blood from ‘higher up’ in him.  For example, if he had bleeding in his intestines, the blood would be darker.  But we need to make sure therefore blood work needs to be done.  He has also told me to give him mineral oil twice a day to ‘lube’ his insides to help  pass bowel movements more easily.

So now we were headed to a lab where they needed to stick my little boy with a needle.  I know that’s the only way to get blood out but there has to be a better way.  Now I had to hold him down on my lap while one woman held down his arm and hand and another jabbed him with a needle and drained him of 4 – 5 vials.  I lost count cause I couldn’t watch.  He was a brave big boy and didn’t jerk his arm around.  But he cried the whole time saying, “Mommy, no; Mommy, no; Mommy, no” over and over.  I tried hard not to be hysterical, so only a few tears fell.  I don’t know how people can do this for a living!

So in my guilt for him having to go through all this, we went to Burger King for breakfast, which we really never do.  And I got him French toast sticks.  If only they could fix anything!!

Now I have to take my other son to the docs tomorrow for his 2 month check up and watch them jab him with vaccine shots!!  Boy I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over.