If everyone could just give me one dollar then I would not have to go back to work. Really, what’s one dollar? That’s all I need, one dollar, from every one. Okay, it doesn’t have to be from everyone, just half the world can give me one dollar or every one could just even give me 50 cents. I’m not asking for much. Consider it a donation, I’ll send you a receipt.

So what do you get for your dollar??

1. One less female driver during rush hour. Especially one that’s pissed off at her job and can’t wait to see her babies!
2. More time spent focusing on molding 2 future productive members of society.
3. One less very hostile worker in social services.
4. Since I can quit my job, your tax dollars would no longer pay my grant funded salary.
5. One very happy mommy!
6. It’ll be cheaper than paying for my bankruptcy debt when I quit my job and live off of credit cards for as long as possible.
7. It will also be cheaper than one more family on welfare sucking more tax dollars from your paycheck.
8.  You will also be helping to save the environment because I wouldn’t be driving to daycare and work everyday therefore I would not be using much gas or emitting extra carbon dioxide.

I think that’s quite a deal for one dollar. So what do you say? I look forward to your contributions.

Did I mention today I had to go in to work for the first time since having the baby. Yeah, it sucked that bad. Please don’t make me go back. Scrape together your change and make a mommy happy.