Although this would sound like a story from my sister, it’s actually from a friend.  Again, if I wasn’t directly connected to this person, I’d never believe the story.  But every time I hear it I still crack up laughing.   So I thought I’d share this one too.My husband first met him and became friends with him.  He went by the name of Bear.  I’m not actually sure why but that’s how he’s known to all.  Bear is harmless.  Well, to everyone but himself.  Sadly he could be a poster child for what drugs can do to you.  He’s basically a pot smoker.   That is his drug of choice.  And through the years he’s fried quite a few brain cells.  But he has a great big heart that makes up for it.  So now that we know a little bit about Bear, let me tell you how he came across the muskrat.

A week prior to the start of this story Bear lost his hamburger while driving in his car.  He just dismissed it and didn’t really search the car.  For all he knew, he already ate it and forgot.

So a week later he’s driving with two other friends.  Bear smoked all the time.  Pot is like cigarettes to him.  So of course on this particular day he’s smoking in his car.  He was driving along the turnpike when all of a sudden he heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights in his rear view mirror.  His friend quickly flicks the joint out the window and Bear shoves his stash in between his seat and center console.  He pulls over and waits for the cop.  As the cops walk up to his car, they smell the distinct odor of pot.  So of course they ask all three of them to step out of the vehicle.

Less than 30 seconds pass when the cops start cursing in disgust.  The walk over to Bear and ask him if he is aware that there is a dead muskrat under his seat.  And without missing a beat Bear replies, “So that’s where my hamburger went!”

The cops were so disgusted that they told them to just leave.  They never found the pot.  Bear never got a ticket.  And we still wonder what he did with that muskrat.

True story, I swear.