My sister always has bizarre stories. Where she comes up with them, who knows. But this one had to be shared. It was too unbelievable to not to share. I call it the stripper story.

This story originates from her work place. Her co-worker told it to her and she passed it on to me. I know it sounds like a whisper down the lane story but I’m only 2 away from the original story teller so believe it, it happened.

My sister’s co-worker’s son is a manager at a strip club. He got a call from one of his dancers (we’ll call her Candy for the story’s sake) saying that she couldn’t make it in to work that night. When questioned why, she replied because her face was ‘messed up’. Being her boss, the son was concerned as to what happened. And the story unfolded.

Friends of hers was going away on a trip and they needed her to take care of their dog. Candy wasn’t allowed dogs at her place so she was going over to the dog’s house a couple of times a day. When she went over to let the dog out he was not moving. After further inspection she concluded that he passed away. She was terribly upset and called the family on their vacation. Her friend said that she wasn’t surprised that her dog passed away he was old and has been sick. She told Candy to call the vet and they would help her.

Candy called the vet and they said they were familiar with this pet and she should bring him over. Well Candy lives in a big city and uses public transportation to get around and doesn’t have a car. She couldn’t get a hold of any one with a car and didn’t want to wait to transport the dog. So she did what anyone would do (note the sarcasm) she put the dog in a suitcase. She then wheeled the suitcase to the bus stop and waited for the bus to take her to the vet.

When her bus arrived she struggled to get the suitcase on the bus. Well, wasn’t she lucky to have a ‘nice’ gentleman offer her assistance. When he commented on how heavy the suitcase was, he asked her what was in it. Being embarrassed that she was carting around a dead dog, she replied that it was a computer, a camcorder and a few other items; that happened to be expensive. Obviously not the brightest of strippers. Well this guy clocks her in the face, knocking her out cold. When she awakens she notices her suitcase is gone!

The police were called and when they went to question her as to what was in the suitcase she told them the truth. She had her friend’s dead dog. After explaining why she was carting around a dead dog the police questioned why someone would want to steal a dead dog. She told them how she lied to the guy about what was in the suitcase.

I wonder how much a dead dog gets on the black market these days!

Now either this story is true or this stripper really didn’t want to work that night.