So I’ve been trying to figure out my maternity leave schedule. Since I don’t get any paid time I need to use my sick and vacation days that I have saved up. However that had me returning to work one day a week when the baby would only be 5 weeks old. And also taking 2 whole weeks unpaid until my sick and vacation days renew. I then could use more time and I would be back full time when the baby’s 15 weeks old.

2 weeks unpaid! Well, we’ll figure it out but it’s definitely going to be tight. I decided to call HR to confirm my sick days. And apparently I have 28 more sick days than what I thought. WHAT??? How many days??? So now a lot changes.
– I don’t have to work up to the day before my c-section, I’m taking the 3 days before off.
– I don’t have to return when he’s only 5 weeks old, I’m starting a one day a week work schedule when he’s 8 1/2 weeks old.
– I don’t have to take ANY unpaid time!!!!! Woo-hoo!

I almost went into labor when I heard the news. Do I think it’s 100% accurate? Who am I to argue with HR. I’ve been there for 8 years, my sick days to carry over from year to year; so possibly. I am soooo excited! YEAH!!! So I only have 6 more work days to go!!!!