Well I did another round of visits today.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a weight measurement at my ultra-sound visit.  He is weighing in at 6 pounds 15 ounces.  That puts him into the 65th percentile.  Everything look good and it was on to the monitoring room.  I got stuck on the monitor for a bit longer, his heart rate was up and down which is good and what they want to see; but when it was up it was around 190 bpm sometimes.  But since everything else looked normal I was free to go!

Next stop, the endocrinologist.   I felt that I had some really low numbers but they were okay with them.  There were no changes made to my amount of insulin.  My swelling isn’t that bad, just slightly.  And because I have more of a desk job then I’m still okay to continue working.  Yeah. *heavy sarcasm*  And then the doc sent me off for blood work.  Just to see where some numbers are, I guess.  Three hours later I’m headed home.

At my last visit I was told that the baby is sitting a bit lower than normal, where he remains today.  And I have a bit more pelvic swelling than normal, hence the extra pressure and pain I have been feeling.  Solution; lay down when I feel it.  HA, if it were only that easy.  Try and explain that to a two year old who wants to play and a job that wants me to work.  Oh, and a house that needs cleaning.  Well, I’m trying my best; at least there’s only 24 days to go!