I went for a ‘bio-physical’.   Which basically means an ultra-sound to check the amniotic fluid levels, the organs and the weight of the baby.  Then I go on a machine where two belts are put around me and it monitors the baby’s heart rate and my uterine activity, called a non-stress test (NST).   The ultra-sound went well as did the NST.   The baby has to increase his heart rate two times for an additional 20 bpm for a minute duration.  He also has to move so many times during the 20 minutes.  I did have a minor contraction, not that that’s what they’re looking for.

My endocrinologist called  and we had to up my dosages more!  I can’t get any more shots at this point but I can get more insulin.  I’m just wondering wen I’ll level out, if ever.  I took my increase dose for dinner and apparently it didn’t work because my glucose number was still high.  Only 45 days to go!