I get a call around 10 this morning (asking) telling me that I need to go see the Endocrinologist; as soon as possible. Well, it was either today at 1 or April. Hmmmm, not really an option there.  So off I went to the appointment, not even sure why.

Apparently since my glucose levels are not in control yet the doctor wanted to see me.  We changed my bedtime and breakfast dosages.  And she explained more to me on what is going on and why I haven’t leveled out yet.   She was really nice and kept asking if I had any more questions and did I understand everything that was going on.  She actually sat with me for 1/2 an hour.  You don’t see many doctors taking their time.  It’s usually a rush visit so they can get to the next patient.

Right now it’s almost a game of what dose of insulin will allow me to eat.   Tomorrow is my ob/gyn appointment, which I have been very anxious about since I haven’t seen them since this whole insulin business started.