So my birthday and Christmas (which I celebrate) are only 9 days apart.  It has always been a bit harder time for me since my birthday gets over looked; which is an understatement.  I really have had crappy birthdays, no really. Well you asked for it, here comes the stories. . . .

Well every year my birthday is not really important because of when it comes.  But here are some of the worst.

1992(ish) – All I wanted for my birthday and Christmas was a camera.  Mine was either broken or lost or stolen but I needed a new one.  My mom decided to give the task to my dad, they were divorced so gifts came seperate.  I really, honestly did not want anything else.  I can’t even remember what I got as my birthday gift but my ‘camera’ was my Christmas gift.  And what I got to replace my 35mm nice camera with zoom, timer, some other nice features, was a $20 polaroid camera found in the racks at the check out counters.  And my sister got a really nice 35mm camera.  Man was I pissed.  I was also only 14 so I cared more about the getting than the giving.

1998 – My father passed away 5 days before my 22nd birthday and we buried him the day before my birthday.  My financee at the time didn’t even come to the funeral because he was “Too busy studying for finals” and it was a 5 hour drive.  (That should have been the sign but it took me another year and a half to realize he really was a big jerk!)  But I went back to college the day of my birthday and spent it alone walking my college campus until midnight.  I never got flowers, cake, cards, nothing.  *This one is the worst but I’m trying to do this is in a time line series.

2001 – I had a laparoscopy done for endometriosis and was told that if I wanted to ever have children I better start trying with in the next 2 years.  (Well as we can see, I haven’t had problems in reproducing.)  But I was laid up and couldn’t do anything so nothing was done.

2005 – I had gestational diabetes therefore ‘people’ felt since I was restricted on eating then we weren’t going to do anything.  Again no cake or anything.

2006 – Okay, it’s my 30th, we’re definitely partying it up, right???  I wasn’t pregnant, I wasn’t sick, and it’s a semi big one.  Well the day of, I’m waiting to ‘run a last minute errand’ or be hushed out of the house or something.  It’s now mid-evening and every time I asked what was up and I got the answer nothing, I finally caught on.  Holy crap, it really is nothing.  Nothing has been planned.  No cake, no present, no food, no singing.  Freakin’ jerk!  After (me) calling all over town, we ended up at a Japanese steak house, which doesn’t even sell alcohol, and definitely was not my first pick.  Oh, and he decided to pull out of the closet the carpet cleaner I bought a month ago for a great sale price.  Yeah, happy birthday to me.

2007 – Pregnant again, so no drinking.   I also didn’t get a cake and we ended up at the same Japanese steak house.  I ended up buying myself a cake 3 days later.  But I did get a gift.  An Ipod Nano.  Yeah, a real gift.

Now that we are caught up let’s explain Christmas.  I love it.  I love it more because of giving.  Honestly.  I love giving when I can.  I love the looks on peoples faces.  For example, my sisters when she opened our gift.  We got her a digital camera because she was still on 35mm.  Well her look was pretty good since she had just opened her husbands gift an hour ago and it was a digital camera, and a bit better than the one we got.  Opps!  But I try and surprise my husband every year since he hates Christmas and it’s most likely because he never really got anything growing up and dreaded it every year.  We’re working on him but I can see in his eyes he can’t wait to open the presents.

So I always try and pay attention to what my husband would really like.  He’s kinda of difficult.  He’s not really into clothes or shoes and doesn’t need a coat.  He wears absolutely no jewelry except for his wedding ring.  And games for consoles are quite difficult because he buys them when he wants them, as with movies.  He doesn’t read much and already has the sports books he would read.   So the only thing I could really think of is the Xbox 360, which he does have the orginal Xbox so he should be surprised; but the 360 would allow him to play online with friends, especially on nights when he can’t get out.

He asked for a list from me since he said I was difficult.  The main items were an Ipod, a (very nice) camera, an acoustic guitar, and some other minor things.   We both agreed that the camera I wanted was very expensive since it had exchangeable lenses and all.  So if I were to get the camera it would be for both Christmas and Birthday.  That was absolutely fine.  I wouldn’t want anything else, especially with that price tag.   So with that in mind it would be the camera over all or an Ipod and guitar for each (an unspoken agreement, or expectation).  Well I got the Ipod for my Birthday so I knew what I was getting for Christmas, or so I thought.  I ended up with some maternity clothes, which I got anyways because I needed them; 2 accessories for my Ipod; a movie; a CD; a hand held electronic game.  ???  Where’s the guitar?   Oh well, maybe next year, as he’s fiddling with his new Xbox.

So to the point.  He felt like a jerk, which I didn’t encourage, not this time anyways.  I told him, it’s fine, we need to save for the baby anyways.  In a way I’m used to coming in third, forth, fifth. . . . .

I guess his guilt built up and I got a guitar this weekend!!  It hasn’t been brought up since Christmas and I just put it back on my list of things I’d like to do before I die list, learning how to play a guitar that is.  We were out and about running errands and he pulled into the guitar store and said, “Let’s get you your guitar today.”  So we did.  Now the baby (toddler) won’t let me play it!  Every time I take it out he’s right there strumming on it, and not sharing!  I tell ya!  But secertly I’m ecstatic inside.  I didn’t want him to think he ‘screwed up’ because he didn’t he got me things he wanted to get me, but I did feel overlooked again.

But  I did tell him he better do something for my 40th or he will need to sleep with one eyed open for the rest of our marriage!