Well I had my diabetic appointment.  Right now I’ll be controlling my blood sugar with diet and exercise.  Hopefully it’ll stay that way and I won’t have to do insulin shots.  But no more good foods for me.  And of course it’s jelly bean season!  Don’t worry, I’m stashing some bags here and there for later.  Oh, and Girl Scout Cookies!!!  I’ll be freezing some boxes.  But on to the appointments. . . .

So my 3 hour appointment was condensed to about 45 minutes!  YEAH!!  Since there are no new updates, I just explained what I knew and they were happy with what they heard.  The next day I saw my OB/GYN and everything is on track.  My next appointment will include my weight ultra sound.  Which I can’t wait!  I really want to see how this one is measuring up to the first one.  I think he’s on the same track with weight and height.  But I won’t know for another week.

I was able to schedule my c-section too!  So I am with the doctor I want, which is the same one from last time.  And I’m just scheduling all my appointments with her so we are on the same page.  Which I am pleased about.  It’s nice knowing you are seeing the same doctor every appointment instead of rotating through their long list.

So I am officaly going to be a mother of two (boys) on April 17th!  It just can’t come soon enough!  Now that I have eating restrictions it sucks!   Sometimes I’m forcing myself to eat when I’m not hungry because I can’t let my sugar dip, and other times I’m really hungry and I’m restricted so my sugar isn’t really high.  Geez, I just want a blizzard!  (From Dairy Queen of course, not a snow one!)  Well, I do only have 8 1/2 weeks left!!