I went to my first gestational diabetic visit.  It was just with our Maternal Fetal Medicine office.  They send you there because once you’re diagnosed you’re considered a ‘high risk’ pregnancy.  They just go over what is going on, what it means, what could possibly happen in the future and the effects on yourself and child.

Blah, blah, blah.

I only say that because this is round two for me; so I already knew the information.  Of course I didn’t have the fifty million questions that I had the first go around so it was a quicker visit.  Then they checked the baby and everything checked out normal.  So I shouldn’t see them again unless something occurs and my status ‘worsens’; becomes uncontrollable.

Next visit will be with the diabetic center, next week.  I’ve been trying to get a visit since last Friday and they didn’t get back to me so the MFM office called and of course since they are docs they got me an appointment.  But it’s not for another week.  So I guess they’re not that concerned.   Well I did only fail 2 out of 4 readings and the two I failed were by mere points.  I am following my old diet, for the most part.  Hey it was fat Tuesday, I needed my fasnacht!  But I am being careful and watching even if I can’t check for now.  But I will definitely become Sergent Anal once I get my test strips.

Well that’s that for now.  My next visit is supposed to be 3 hours but since I’m a ‘pro’ I’m hoping to get it down to an hour.  I still have all my information and paperwork which I already have reviewed.   So one down, many more to go!!!

OHHH, yeah and my back is out.   Great, just great.  I can barely walk, sit, drive, be comfortable. . . . it sucks!  So I called my Chiropractor/Sports Medicine Doc.  Apparently when you’re pregnant you release ‘relaxings’ that help lubricate your joints and bones to help spread your hips and pelvis.  (Note: This is my lay-man’s term of describing what’s going on.)   Okay, I knew this.  But when you’re on your second pregnancy you’re already still adjusted from the first time so the second go around my cause you to have some bones slip out of place.  So basically my pinched nerve (that I thought was just pinched from inflammation) has been pinched due to bones not properly lined up.   Well I was so tight and inflamed that he wasn’t able to do it at fist.  But after a couple of adjustments and he made me lay on my back for a while, he was able to pop me back in to place.  And that’s exactly what I heard and felt.  It still hurts now, but I’m hoping to feel more relief tomorrow.  Yeah, fun times.  We do this why??  Oh yeah, that little bundle of joy in the end.  I guess it’s worth it.  ; )