Well it’s official;  I have gestational diabetes, again.  So my finger prick was off from my actual blood draw.  My results are:
91 – fasting read
181 – after 1st hour of  sugary drink
164 – after 2nd hour
135 – after 3rd hour

So what does this mean???  The first and the last readings are okay.  I am under the max numbers.  However the the other two readings are over the max numbers.  The highest I was allowed to go after the first hour was 180.  Yeah, you’re telling me!  I was only 1 point over.  After the second hour the highest I was allowed to go was 150, so I was bit higher this time.  But basically I was told if I was at 180 for my second reading then I would have been in the clear because I would have passed 3 out of 4 readings.

So it’s on to a strict diet and exercise for this mama.  With 11 1/2 weeks to go, I’m going to try my best.  I’m just waiting for the nutritionist to call me and start the ball rolling.   But at least I shouldn’t go on insulin.  I should be able to control this with diet and exercise.  I am not a person for shots at all!

The doc and I discussed scheduling the c-section.  They don’t have an April schedule yet so I need to wait a couple more weeks, but I’m definitely going to use the same doc that delivered my first born.  So it’s almost over and I’ll have another little one under foot.  I’m not sure how my son will handle all of this because he seems to not ‘get it’ yet.  We keep telling him that there’s a baby in mommy’s belly and we have books but I think he’s too young to get it.   I guess only time (and baby) will tell.