So I went for my one hour glucose test on Monday. I drank the yummy stuff, no really I like it, and then an hour later had my blood taken. They said the results would be at the docs by Tuesday. I waited until Wednesday afternoon to call. Of course I get the snide remark, “Well we would call you if you had a high number, but I will let the nurse know you called.” Well, well, well don’t you know 10 minutes later my phone rings. It says it’s the doctor’s office. They have never called me back so expeditiously. So my level registered at a 143. Not extremely high, but over 135 warrants you to go for the three hour glucose test. After calling around and not being able to find anywhere that can take me on Saturday I give in and set it up for Friday morning. I do have some flex time built up with work and the lab opens up at 7 so I’ll only miss about 2 hours of work. The nurse faxes over my paperwork and I plan my schedule.

I get up as early as possible this morning with plans on getting there no later than 6:45. Well with a child who is not a morning person and a husband who parks me in, I don’t get there until 6:55, not too bad. Boy was I wrong. There were already 5 people there. And of course you couldn’t make an appointment so I have to wait.

I finally get called in, 7:20, and they first check my blood with a finger prick test; this is new. But I was happy because I was going to have a clue of where I was standing. After a 12 hour fasting, I had nothing to eat after 7pm the night before, I registered at 106. Ah crap! I know that’s not outrageous but I hadn’t eaten a thing for over 12 hours!! I should have registered in the 80’s, possibly low 90’s. I just look at the phlabotimist and say, “Well let’s not waste each other’s time and just check the box that I’ve got gestational diabetes. ” Of course that rational doesn’t work. I’m sent back to get my blood drawn and then I get my drink. This one containing 100 mg of sugar and is ‘red soda’. Not bad, I prefer the orange but I chug this one in under 30 seconds anyways.

Out to the waiting room I go. An hour later the take more blood and again for the second and third time. With 5 holes in my arm, counting the one from Monday which is still visible, it’s now 10:30 and McDonald’s breakfast is over and there’s no Burger King around. Great! I was all gun-ho to get my ‘last breakfast’ in before I have to go on a strict diet. (Technically I’m not diagnosed at this time even though I’m doomed.) Oh well, I swing in to a bagel deli where they still do breakfast sandwiches. I guess this is better for me anyways because they make the eggs from an actual egg and the bagel is fresh and not over loaded with butter.

But not to get side tracked, I know have ‘it’. I started my testing at 106 and I don’t process sugar as well in the morning as I do at night. (I learned that the last time I had gestational diabetes.) But there is no way I could fast all day to take that test in the afternoon. It’s just too long. But that’s how I know I have it, there’s no way my numbers will be low enough to pass with starting off high. However I must note that I have only put on 17 – 18 pounds at this point. During my first pregnancy I had put on 30 pounds at this point. So I was trying to do better. Even if I have slacked off on walking, I still was not eating way too much. I tried.

I don’t think they’ll call me with the actual results because I have an appointment with the doctor on Thursday. So she’ll just tell me then what’s up and probably give me the referral to go back for my ultra-sound and see the diabetic counselors. What fun! And to think Girl Scout Cookies are starting up next Friday! Well, at least they freeze well.

So I guess I need to start eating more protein and veggies and less carbs! And start walking 30 – 60 minutes a day. I was doing a minimal of 45 minutes a day my last pregnancy. But it’s soooo cold out, well maybe if I split it up and do two 30 minute sessions or three 2o minute sessions it won’t be too bad. I’ll just walk around my building mid-morning and mid-afternoon every day and then a little at night at home. I guess I’ll start Monday. : (