December 2007


Here is our new picture of the baby!



How in the world are people pregnant with children??  Meaning how can they run around pregnant chasing a child(ren).  The first go around I was able to go home and nap for an hour or so.  Now I have to chase a one (almost 2) year old around.  It’s exhausting!  It wouldn’t be so bad if I was a stay-at-home mom, I think.  But I’m working and then coming home and having to clean and cook (sometimes).  The hubby does more cooking than me but I do more laundry and cleaning.  Lately I’ve given up so it has been more 50/50 and messier!!  But I am tired!  And I never get a second because my son is going through a phase, well he started it at birth, but all he wants is me.  I remind him that he does have another parent but for some reason he doesn’t get it!! ; )   I’m alone with him more than my hubby due to travel time to and from work.  I can’t even go to the bathroom without him.  But then I feel guilty for wanting a minute because I chose this life.  I want kids and I know they are totally depended on you and unconditionally love you.  And even at 30 something I still ‘depend’ on my mom and she helps when I need her to.   And in a way I am afraid of missing something because he’s so cute and does a lot of cute things and he does make me smile more than he frustrates me.   But it is tiring.  We definitely sleep in on the weekends.  And I’ve been very lucky to have a child like me, he likes to sleep and will sleep until 9 or 10 in the morning (depending on when he falls asleep the night before).  But I know all that will change with baby number two.  And I’ll even have less breathing room.  These 2 will be 27 months apart but I definitely think we’re waiting a bit longer if there is a number 3!

On another note, 2 more days until we see the baby!!   I can’t wait, I’m definitely bigger than the first go around so I hope it’s A) not twins; B) not bigger than normal; C) not farther along than what originally we had thought.  And I can’t wait to find out the sex!!  Oh and I have only put on 9 – 10 pounds.  So I am doing good with that and I have roughly 20 weeks to go!!