Well, I’m 16 weeks along and there’s not much new here.  I think I’m feeling some fluttering but you never know, it could be gas bubbles rumbling through.  ‘They’ say you feel the second child sooner than what you felt the first.  So it may very well be the little one swimming around.

I’m not sure how wonder boy is going to take all of this.  The other day when I went to pick him up at day care I held an 8 week old for a minute or two.  I then had to give her up because the boy had a complete meltdown.  I mean tears streaming down his face while grasping onto my legs.  It actually took me almost half an hour to calm him down.  I wasn’t allowed to go near the baby without him pushing me away.  I couldn’t squat because he thought we were staying.  And I didn’t want to put him in the car so hysterical but nothing I did made it better.  But the weirdest thing was he didn’t want me to hold him either.  I tried leaving with him but he didn’t want that.  I’m not sure what he wanted but I finally calmed him down with peanut butter crackers.  So we ate a couple of those and we could finally leave.  It was unbelievable!  Now, he’s never exhibited any of this behavior towards the 2 babies that are there.  He’s always nice and loving.  He talks (babbles) to them, ‘pets’ their hands and feet, and covers them up if their blanket slips.  But heaven forbid if I should get near them.  It will definitely be an adventure when number 2 arrives.  But he will be 6 months older so hopefully we’ll be able to communicate better to him who this new family member is.  I am thinking about getting him a special doll (his own baby) for when we leave the hospital.  Then mommy will have ‘her’ baby and he’ll have his baby.  Well only time will tell.

Everything with the pregnancy is fine.  I ‘m still feeling tired.  And I still strongly want carbs only but I am eating other foods and still taking my vitamins religiously.  I have put on a total of 5 pounds now.  But it is still much better than my last pregnancy where I was up 15 pounds at this point.

OH, I do have something.  I was able to schedule my second ultra sound for December 5th.  This is where they will check the baby all over and determine the sex!  Yep, I’m gonna find out.  I have to, I’m a planner.  I need to know what I need and what I don’t with already having one child.  I can’t wait, just a month to go until I know!!!

O-kay, now that’s all!