What can I say. I’m not running to the bathroom every hour to empty out what I just ate, I haven’t put on a pound yet, and I don’t break out. But I am pregnant. I do have food aversions, but it’s just more like “I don’t want that now” type feelings. The only way I know I’m pregnant is that I’m not able to take my allergy meds. I’m on my 3rd sinus cold since I got pregnant. Which absolutely sucks! Oh, and I am extra tired. I can’t take naps after work this time because I always have the boy until hubby gets home 3 hours later after us.

It’s been a bit lonely since Duke’s been gone. It was rough sleeping the first couple of nights. Every little noise I heard I was waiting for a bark, that never came. A small part of me was hoping that my allergies were connected to him since I only started with allergies when we all moved in together, but no such luck. So I guess I am allergic to Wonder Man! HA, I knew it! : )

As I mentioned before, I am doing well maintaining my weight. I am eating the best that I can, due to aversions. And I try to walk when I can. I’m actually still wearing regular clothes still. But I am definitely showing.

And that’s about it, not much going on here.