So I had an ultrasound done to see the little one. I am having trouble posting the actually pic but this is what s/he looks like at 9 weeks. I feel like it’s going to be another boy however the heart rate was very fast (175bpm) which is kind of funny due to the issues I’ve been having with mine! But there’s a myth or old wives tale or whatever, that believes that girls tend to have faster heart rates in the womb than boys. That may have some merit but it doesn’t always follow that ‘rule’.

I got my results back from my blood work that I had done. Which did include my glucose testing. I PASSED!!! Right now I am clear of gestational diabetes!!! For those of you who know or care, my number came in at 108. Which is really good. I won’t be tested again until I am 28 weeks. Which means I get my holidays this pregnancy! Last time I found out the week of Thanksgiving that I had gestational diabetes and missed out on pigging out! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go overboard but I really hated missing out on my Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving pie.

So now it’s time for weight to weigh in! I haven’t gained any weight yet!! By this time my first pregnancy I had put on 10 pounds. Now the ‘wonderful’ doc that I saw (which I really don’t like and she has no bed-side manners) told me that I should not put on any weight until I was in my fifth month (20 – 24 weeks) and then only put on 10 pounds (for the remaining 16 – 20 weeks). HA! HA-HA-HA! 10 pounds, are you kidding me! Apparently she doesn’t have any children. I put on 35 my last pregnancy. Now after I was diagnosed with GB I only put on 5 pounds for the remaining 12 weeks. So I guess theoretically it is possible. But come on! I think she tells me 10 expecting 20. I know I’m no skinny-mini but it’s not like I”m Snuffleupagus here. I’m 5’5, 188 and medium boned. Oh, and was raised in a meat and potato family and was always told I needed to eat more, I’m too thin. Which I never was too thin, in fact I was never thin! Just average.

So everything else is going well. I have my sneakers in my car now so I get out when I can when I’m at work. I’m definitely not walking as much as what I should and I keep saying that I will but the tiredness is definitely still working on me and I’m going through another sinus cold. It’s because I can’t take my allergy medicine and then I get too bad and I end up really sick. But I’m eating my chicken noodle soup and drinking my fluids and trying to rest, the best you can with an active 1 1/2 year old! That’s about it for now. Thanks for listening and I’ll keep you updated!