Well after my doctor visit yesterday I am officially back to walking.  I am disappointed because I was happy to finally be running but I understand and I’ll just have to give it a go next summer.  Because my heart rate goes up to 140 pretty fast the docs strongly advised for me to just walk.  They are absolutely stuck on 140 and seemed confused why I was so adamant about the ifs and buts.  So after a dance of back and forth, I am sticking to the docs advice and not ‘pushing it’ and not running until post-pregnancy.

But that’s okay because I haven’t put on any weight yet!  Last time I had already gained 7 pounds by this point.  And I am trying to eat healthier and exercise more, sooner.  I’m already going with a schedule c-section and I have my first ultra sound next week.  I did my first round of blood work and I am very apprehensive about the test results.  I did the glucose test this time and I got to drink the ‘orange stuff’; which I love, no lie, I could drink that stuff all the time.  But 2 – 3 hours later I crashed and I crashed hard.  I was sooo tired and lethargic.  It was horrible.  Which makes me very concerned about my ability to ‘handle’ sugar.  Well, I find out Tuesday how I did.  So keep your fingers crossed.  Last time I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and by 36 they were debating about putting my on the insulin shots.  I was stricter than strict on the diet and I walked every day for an hour each day and my body was just not agreeing with my heart!  But I kept them at bay since I was so close to my due date. (The baby ended up weighing in at 9lbs 6oz but was also 22 in. long.)  But if i get diagnosed now.  Ha, I don’t think I can manage it for 30 weeks!!  UGH!!!

Other than that, I feel great.  No sickness, no weight gain, I am starting to pop a little already though but I don’t really ‘feel’ pregnant.  So I definitely can not wait to see the ultra sound pics.