So I really haven’t gotten out at all. I have good ‘excuses’ but I need to get past them. I talked with my ‘running partner’ and she hit 4.2 miles the other day. WOW I can’t believe she’s already there. That’s way ahead of our training schedule. She is doing very well and I am sooo proud of her. So yea for her!

Now on to me. I have been very tired, for starters. And Wonder Boy has been really sick. We had to visit the ER at 4:30 in the morning over the weekend due to an ear infection. Then 2 1/2 days later he got a stomach virus and was violently puking for 12 hours until he ‘passed’ out and slept for 14 hours straight until I woke up him and Wonder Man with a phone call wondering why I didn’t hear from them yet. (I was at work since I can’t take days off pre-labor because I’ll lose them post-labor.) But apparently that’s what he needed and he’s doing much better on day 6. But it made if very difficult to get out.

Reason 3, I’ve been working extra hours since it’s the beginning of the year for school. So that cut into some of my ‘me’ time too. But I must say from reading comments posted I am building my motivation and it has really helped to be cheered on. I did make an ‘effort’ the other day when we went to a county fair and I had my husband park 1/2 mile from the actual fair. For 2 reasons, one for the exercise and two because it was FREE parking!! So I did get some exercise that day. Plus we walked around for 3 hours! So I am trying here and there. I think I’ll try and get myself out of the office for a little bit tomorrow. I have yet to get a real lunch break anyways. I don’t think you could call taking bites of a sandwich through phone calls, answering emails and office interruptions. So I will try my best tomorrow to get out!! Thank you all for your continuing support! I see the docs on Monday!!