September 2007

So I had an ultrasound done to see the little one. I am having trouble posting the actually pic but this is what s/he looks like at 9 weeks. I feel like it’s going to be another boy however the heart rate was very fast (175bpm) which is kind of funny due to the issues I’ve been having with mine! But there’s a myth or old wives tale or whatever, that believes that girls tend to have faster heart rates in the womb than boys. That may have some merit but it doesn’t always follow that ‘rule’.

I got my results back from my blood work that I had done. Which did include my glucose testing. I PASSED!!! Right now I am clear of gestational diabetes!!! For those of you who know or care, my number came in at 108. Which is really good. I won’t be tested again until I am 28 weeks. Which means I get my holidays this pregnancy! Last time I found out the week of Thanksgiving that I had gestational diabetes and missed out on pigging out! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go overboard but I really hated missing out on my Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving pie.

So now it’s time for weight to weigh in! I haven’t gained any weight yet!! By this time my first pregnancy I had put on 10 pounds. Now the ‘wonderful’ doc that I saw (which I really don’t like and she has no bed-side manners) told me that I should not put on any weight until I was in my fifth month (20 – 24 weeks) and then only put on 10 pounds (for the remaining 16 – 20 weeks). HA! HA-HA-HA! 10 pounds, are you kidding me! Apparently she doesn’t have any children. I put on 35 my last pregnancy. Now after I was diagnosed with GB I only put on 5 pounds for the remaining 12 weeks. So I guess theoretically it is possible. But come on! I think she tells me 10 expecting 20. I know I’m no skinny-mini but it’s not like I”m Snuffleupagus here. I’m 5’5, 188 and medium boned. Oh, and was raised in a meat and potato family and was always told I needed to eat more, I’m too thin. Which I never was too thin, in fact I was never thin! Just average.

So everything else is going well. I have my sneakers in my car now so I get out when I can when I’m at work. I’m definitely not walking as much as what I should and I keep saying that I will but the tiredness is definitely still working on me and I’m going through another sinus cold. It’s because I can’t take my allergy medicine and then I get too bad and I end up really sick. But I’m eating my chicken noodle soup and drinking my fluids and trying to rest, the best you can with an active 1 1/2 year old! That’s about it for now. Thanks for listening and I’ll keep you updated!


dsc02294a.jpgAs a friend of mine would put it, Duke, the Wonder Dog, is headed off to California. He’s an 11 year old pure bred German Sheppard, dog.

In May we had a situation where he couldn’t get up and was screaming. Yes, literally screaming, not yelping, barking nor crying. I didn’t know animals could even make that sound. So after rushing the baby to day care we rushed him to the vets. Apparently he has arthritis that just ‘kicked in’. So we started him on a joint med and a pain med. After seeing him continue to spiral downward we called the vets and they told us about an arthritis study. We would get free care, x-rays and meds and upon completion a credit towards our account. Yep, we’re in!

We went in for our 3rd visit yesterday, day 22 of the study, and he has not improved. Since he hasn’t improved he was no longer allowed to continue in the study. It was to go for another month or so. So now we were left up to 3 decisions.
1. Continue him on another pain medicine. (Which isn’t working, obviously!)
2. Euthanasia
3. Put him on Prednisone, which can be dangerous in long term use and has many side effects that is already plaguing Duke. (So basically it’ll just prolong is his life until we (Wonder Man) make the ultimate decision for choice #2.)

His x-rays showed that his right hip socket was pretty much non-existing and his left one was starting to go. He has extreme trouble walking and can no longer go up stairs. And now he’s even having issues going to the bathroom. Lately he has been falling while peeing. Our vet doc told us that we are in the unfortunate position of making this decision. Duke’s mind is still all there and all his organs are functioning normally. He just can’t walk well and soon it’ll be not at all. So how long do we want to go out and hold his tail while he poos. Wonder Man said no, and we don’t want him to suffer.

We will be scheduling his departure for the end of September. Now that Wonder Man has made the decision he doesn’t want Duke to continue suffering. We will be giving him prednisone until the day arrives. Unless he miraculously starts walking like him old self while on prednisone we will be following through with the ‘plan’.

So we have decided to celebrate his life and give people the option to say their good-byes. In celebration of his heritage, we will be holding an Oktoberfest at our house next weekend. All german foods and drinks only! So I have a week to pull together a party and get the house ready. And then we wait. And that will be hard. Luckily Wonder boy is still young enough that it’s pretty much out of sight, out of mind for him. So I do not have to give the ‘death’ talk yet.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Well after my doctor visit yesterday I am officially back to walking.  I am disappointed because I was happy to finally be running but I understand and I’ll just have to give it a go next summer.  Because my heart rate goes up to 140 pretty fast the docs strongly advised for me to just walk.  They are absolutely stuck on 140 and seemed confused why I was so adamant about the ifs and buts.  So after a dance of back and forth, I am sticking to the docs advice and not ‘pushing it’ and not running until post-pregnancy.

But that’s okay because I haven’t put on any weight yet!  Last time I had already gained 7 pounds by this point.  And I am trying to eat healthier and exercise more, sooner.  I’m already going with a schedule c-section and I have my first ultra sound next week.  I did my first round of blood work and I am very apprehensive about the test results.  I did the glucose test this time and I got to drink the ‘orange stuff’; which I love, no lie, I could drink that stuff all the time.  But 2 – 3 hours later I crashed and I crashed hard.  I was sooo tired and lethargic.  It was horrible.  Which makes me very concerned about my ability to ‘handle’ sugar.  Well, I find out Tuesday how I did.  So keep your fingers crossed.  Last time I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and by 36 they were debating about putting my on the insulin shots.  I was stricter than strict on the diet and I walked every day for an hour each day and my body was just not agreeing with my heart!  But I kept them at bay since I was so close to my due date. (The baby ended up weighing in at 9lbs 6oz but was also 22 in. long.)  But if i get diagnosed now.  Ha, I don’t think I can manage it for 30 weeks!!  UGH!!!

Other than that, I feel great.  No sickness, no weight gain, I am starting to pop a little already though but I don’t really ‘feel’ pregnant.  So I definitely can not wait to see the ultra sound pics.

So I really haven’t gotten out at all. I have good ‘excuses’ but I need to get past them. I talked with my ‘running partner’ and she hit 4.2 miles the other day. WOW I can’t believe she’s already there. That’s way ahead of our training schedule. She is doing very well and I am sooo proud of her. So yea for her!

Now on to me. I have been very tired, for starters. And Wonder Boy has been really sick. We had to visit the ER at 4:30 in the morning over the weekend due to an ear infection. Then 2 1/2 days later he got a stomach virus and was violently puking for 12 hours until he ‘passed’ out and slept for 14 hours straight until I woke up him and Wonder Man with a phone call wondering why I didn’t hear from them yet. (I was at work since I can’t take days off pre-labor because I’ll lose them post-labor.) But apparently that’s what he needed and he’s doing much better on day 6. But it made if very difficult to get out.

Reason 3, I’ve been working extra hours since it’s the beginning of the year for school. So that cut into some of my ‘me’ time too. But I must say from reading comments posted I am building my motivation and it has really helped to be cheered on. I did make an ‘effort’ the other day when we went to a county fair and I had my husband park 1/2 mile from the actual fair. For 2 reasons, one for the exercise and two because it was FREE parking!! So I did get some exercise that day. Plus we walked around for 3 hours! So I am trying here and there. I think I’ll try and get myself out of the office for a little bit tomorrow. I have yet to get a real lunch break anyways. I don’t think you could call taking bites of a sandwich through phone calls, answering emails and office interruptions. So I will try my best tomorrow to get out!! Thank you all for your continuing support! I see the docs on Monday!!