images.jpgI’m finally feeling better and there is a break in our rain; just enough time for me to run home change and hit the track.  So of course during my drive home I’m making excuses as to why I can’t run today. . . . It’s too damp. . . I’m still getting over this sinus cold. . . . I need to clean the house. . . . It’s only 56 degrees! . . . . I’m not sure I have any ‘cold’ running clothes, that fit. . . . I’ll probably have to do it alone.   Yeah, I know, lame.  Well at least I wasn’t using the pregnancy card, yet.  But then I stopped myself and said, “Hey, you want to do this, you have been doing this, suck it up and shut up and go.”  So off I went.

I found a pair of long cotton pants and threw on a tee.  I called my running partner but she wasn’t available for now and I couldn’t do it later (and it’s going to start raining again).   I head over to the track and checked my heart rate to begin.  106!!  Geez, I’m going to hit 140 in no time.  I walked my first lap and was at 127.  I ran half a lap and checked and I was at 156, crap!  How did that happen so fast!  I walked the rest of the second lap and then ran again for the first half of the third lap and don’t you know it, I hit 168, can that be??  I checked again, oh 167, that’s better, yeah right!  So I ended up walking a lap and a half before I tried running again.  And even then I only ran 100 meters and I was already over.  This 140 business is harder than what I thought.  I do hope that some of it is due to this sinus cold.

I am glad I made myself go out.  I knew I would in the end, it’s just the initial push after having 3 days off.  I ended up doing a total of 2 miles in 32 minutes.  I would have tried to get a 3rd mile in but the local high school soccer team showed up so I hit the road figuring I shouldn’t push it and happy that I was at least active for over half an hour.