Well I gave it a go this morning.  I got up bright and early (5am) and headed out the door to meet my running partner.  I’m still feeling groggy with this head cold and from getting dressed and ready this morning I was already registering at 120 bpm.  How in the world am I going to run under 140 bpm??

So I met my running partner and told her the news.  She was ecstatic!  And I explained my running situation and she was completely understanding.  In fact, she hadn’t registered for the race yet and she found out the other day that she had a wedding she needed to attend in Baltimore.  She thought it was the following weekend and she just got the invite.  So she was unsure about what she was going to do about the race.  So the decision was made in her eyes, no race.

We agreed to still exercise together.  So we went to the track and walked our warm-up lap.  Then we started to run our first lap.  Half way through, about 1/8th of a mile, I check my heart rate.  144!!!  WHAT?  How can it be that already.  So I walked the second half.  126, alright let’s run.  Half way through a lap and I’m at 141 already.  Jeez, this 140 number sucks!  So I ended up running and walking every eighths for a mile and then just walked a mile since my running partner was only running a mile today.

Hopefully it was just due to me being sick and I’ll be able to ‘run’ a little more next time.  But it did feel good to get out.  I’m just going to do every other day until I feel better.   Then I will contemplate my cross training but I may just end up walking on days I’m not running.  During my last pregnancy my physician wanted me to walk every day for at least 45 minutes.  Boy was that hard during winter when I was huge!  But this time I have to go through all of winter and I hate winter!  But it’s not about me now is it?