Yep, I’m pregnant! A little over a month and due for April 2008. Was it planned, not really. But having another child at some point was planned, just 6 -9 months from now and 50 pounds lighter. I just really wanted to be more physically fit and at a healthy weight. So what do I do? That’s where I reach out to the blogging world with one of my biggest question: Can I still train and run my race with only being a runner for 6 weeks? Of course I will be talking to my doctor about this too but I was curious if any one has gone through this dilemma; to train during pregnancy.

I have read numerous articles about how people who have been running can continue, but is 6 weeks of being a runner long enough? All these other runners that were written about had been running for over a year prior to the pregnancy and were running at least 1/2 marathons or more.

What are all the risks to the baby? Articles have said that if your heart rate is too fast there’s not enough blood going to the baby, but how fast is too fast? I know on my last run I was at 172 bpm. I’ve never taken my heart rate when I first wake up, which I’ll try and do tomorrow but I am also sick right now and I know my heart rate tends to be a bit elevated when I am sick. I do know the actual act of running does not harm the baby.

They also say don’t get overheated, how do I know if I’m ‘overheated’? I always sweat on my runs, do I need to take a thermometer with me? I read once that to determine how to dress for a run add 20 degrees to the outside temp. Does that go the same for your body. If you can handle up to 80 degrees without feeling uncomfortable then should you only run in 60 degrees or cooler? And what about humidity? For me it’s not really the heat but the humidity that makes me uncomfortable.

I can’t find these answers. And I was hoping to at least get the race in, since I’m already registered. I will be almost 11 weeks pregnant at the time of the race. Then I plan to continue exercising but not as much. Maybe running only a mile on run days and walking on other days. (Of course this plan will only work if I’m allowed to continue running right now.)

However, the baby always comes first. During my last pregnancy I had no issues sacrificing my eating and exercising (or lack thereof) for my child. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was placed on a very strict (sugar free and low carbs) diet and I had to walk for at least 45 minutes every day; which I wasn’t accustomed to. But I did it because that was what was best for baby. In the end I had a c-section but he was healthy, big (9lbs, 6oz) but healthy. But that was why I was trying to lose my weight now. In hopes that I would be healthier for my next pregnancy and hopefully dodge the diabetic bug. Oops, I guess I’m 6 months too early with that plan.

I know the first trimester is the most important one for development and I really don’t want to jeopardized the health of my baby. I can always switch to be a walker for the race because I know I can handle walking, but I was hoping to run it. So any advice, comments, concerns would be welcomed. And on a side note, it looks like this blog will definitely take a turn in direction from running towards a race to running towards a baby. Thanks for stopping by and reading this!