I was going for a ‘long’ run today.  A whole 2 miles without stopping.  And I completed it!! 

I was up bright and early for this one.  With a 5:00 wake-up call; I threw on my clothes and met my running partner by the track.  But we were hitting the roads for this one.  After going in circles for 6 times, we were not up to doing more.  So I mapped out a 2 mile loop to run.  We made sure to start off at a slow pace.  Which ended up being good because I only got winded the last block of the run.  We ended with a time of 25:10.  Longer then what I was hoping but amazed that I can run for 25 minutes.  So now that puts us finishing the 5k around 38 minutes.  I was hoping to be done closer to 30 but we still have 6 1/2 weeks until the race.  So I offically ran farther and longer than I ever had in my whole life!  Now just one more mile and I can take on the race!

The only down side is we were running on a pretty even surface, whereas the race is hilly.  So I know these 2 miles are not the same as the race route’s 2 miles.  We don’t go back over until next week because this week is our morning runs.  So I’m hoping our time won’t decrease too much when we head over to the park next week to tackle all the hills.