*A picture to come soon!* So Wonder Man’s dad called up and offered up a couch. Barely used and a recliner on both ends. The colors match our living room colors so Wonder Man said we’d take it.

We currently have a nice suede couch just like that but our other sitting arrangement is a futon that is getting old and doesn’t match. So off on our hour and a half long trek to retrieve our ‘new’ couch. A short visit, a bad diner experience and five hours later we arrived home. But we had to wait for morning since it was 10 at night and his friend, who was going to help him move it, was sleeping. Next day I go out for my run while Wonder Man and Wonder Boy sleeps in and return to them still laying around in bed. So we decided to head out to visit family and we’ll deal with the couch later. Well later turned into 6 at night.

The guys go to bring the couch in and they decided that we don’t really use our propane stove (a gas, movable, ‘fireplace’ that sits in the middle of a wall) anymore. So they decide to move that out to the storage shed. Well then how about we move the other couch to this now opened wall and the ‘new’ couch will go where the old one sat. But wait, now the entertainment system has to be moved because it was angled with the gas stove and the couch won’t sit there. Ah, but the entertainment system has seen it’s better days and is about to fall apart. But wait, Wonder Man’s friend has one at home that he isn’t using. So while they retrieve that one, I am left with Wonder Boy and the duties to take off everything from the entertainment system. Now you need to realize that all I wanted was to relax, blog and watch some TV. As you can see, I’m now blogging at 1 in the morning (with plans to get up to run in 6 hours!). Anyways, Wonder Man took so long that let alone did I unhook and remove all the electronics, picture frames (from atop), knick knacks and movies; I had time to take apart the whole damn thing. All that was left were boards that once were an entertainment system. (During this whole time I was so afraid he’d come home and tell me his friend changed his mind, but he didn’t.) It’s now after 9 and he shows up with the ‘new’ entertainment system. Which we had to reload with all our crap, finish moving other minor furniture (end tables and book shelves) and vacuum again. Luckily I was able to get a hold of my mom and have her come over and get the baby to bed since it was well past his bed time. But it’s done. What started off as a couch turned into a living room make over. And although I’m pretty pissy that I’m up this late and had to move all that crap; we did get a lot of cleaning done that needed to get done for a while now and it’s kind of like we have a new living room. But now we lost our ‘guest bedroom’ (futon)! Sorry LouFCD! But it is more opened and we have more floor space. I would post a pic along with this rant but I’m too tired to get up and go downstairs to take one and then have to save and upload. Maybe another day.