So after talking to the coach the other day I took his suggestions and I’m now adding cross training to my schedule and I now have only 1 day completely off.

Yesterday I decided to go for a bike ride. I mapped out a pretty easy 6.5 miles. Well 2 miles into it I had to cut it short because it wasn’t as easy as I remembered it to be when I was 10. I would bike for hours and now I couldn’t bang out 30 minutes. I guess my legs and body isn’t what it used to be. But that’s okay, I can only improve. So I ended up doing 5 mies in 30 minutes.

Today was a running day. We went back to our race course. We were scheduled to do 1.5 miles. Well I knew it was still hot and humid so all day today I was drinking water so I was well hydrated for the run. Apparently I was too hydrated and when we got there all I could focus on was finding a bathroom. We started the run and it only got worse! So I ran past the first bathroom in hopes it would ‘go away’. Yeah right! We stopped at the second bathroom, a tenth of a mile from our goal. At the time we didn’t realize we were that close. OPPS! I would have definitely have ran there and back. I only found out later how far we ran because of this great website I’m now using to map running routes. You can use it for anywhere in the whole world and never have to guess how far you ran. It even tells you elevation changes! So after our pit stop, we walked for 1.5 miles. I get tomorrow off!