images.jpgKnowing that our course was a tough one we decided our next run was going to be there. It was only a mile so what the heck! We might as well start training there so it’s not a big surprise to us.

So knowing all of this I decided to talk to a co-worker who coaches the football and track teams. I showed him my training schedule and talked to him about my plan. He felt I need to do cross-training, which I hadn’t done at all. Remember, I am definitely a virgin to running. The schedule I have has me running every other day. He said that I need to do more. I’m only running 3 – 4 days a week. I should do other things on my ‘rest’ days and only have 1 day that I do nothing. So I thought, well, let’s give this a try. I’m not doing so well with what I have planned, maybe I need to work on my cardio so I do have more lung power. So I went out yesterday and did jogging/walking for 2 miles, switching every 1/4 from one to the other. Towards the end I was definitely winded so I walked an 1/8 more in stead of running it. We’ll see if this will help me and not hinder me.

So today was the mile on the actually race course. Boy am I apprehensive on my ability to complete this! But I did it!!! WOO-HOO. We made it up that hill like it was nothing! And we held a conversation the whole time, which we haven’t been doing. I feel so good after this run. I’m really starting to have faith that I’ll be able to run the whole 5k without walking. I know we have two more hills to conquer but today was really hot and humid and we did it. We ran a little bit farther than the mile, we think, we had to judge our distance off a map since the trail isn’t marked. But for the first time my legs are sore. We finished out the other 2 miles at a very fast walking pace. It was starting to get dark and some of the trail is completely tree covered and there are no lights so we were walking much faster than normal. But it felt good. I just hope I still feel this good in the morning! : )