images.jpgAlright, alright, I didn’t give up. Not just yet. My running partner is so excited to race, as would I be if I could run! But who am I to let her down. Besides, apparently the next two weeks are down weeks. My schedule for this week is walk 3 miles (I don’t even have to run that day!), then running 1 mile, 1.5 miles, then 1 mile. I can do that. I just need time to recover. So I’m a runner for at least another week.

Our first day this week was a walk day. So we decided to go walk where the actual race will take place.  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to be ready for it.  It had 5-6 inclines.  And 3 of them were steep and big.  We have not been training with these inclines in our runs.  In fact, most of our runs have been on a track.  Uh-oh, we’re in trouble.  We decide to meet for our next run day at the race site.  We need to start getting over there more so we’re ready.  We do not have a lot of hills where we live so it will be hard to train for a race that is hilly.  Besides we only have to run a mile that day.   And we decided it is probably better to start off running parts of the course then going over later in our training and trying to tackle the whole course.  I think we would be setting ourselves up for failure.  I’m not looking too forward to it, but I know I’ll feel really good once I conquer it.  It is only a mile, right?

Walked: 3 miles
Time: about an hour (wasn’t paying too much attention)