images.jpgAlright, here we go. And again it really sucked. But I ran it all, no stopping. I ran 3 laps around, 3/4ths of a mile. I do this 3 more times until the end of my second week.

My first day running 3/4ths I complete it in 8:58. As long as I am running a quarter mile in 3 minutes or less I’m going alright. That means I am running 12 minute miles and I should finish the 5k in about 36 minutes. I am hoping to get it down to 30 minutes, but I’m just focusing on running the whole thing.

My time by the end of the week for the 3 laps is 8:41. Alright, not bad, I cut 17 seconds off. But am I read for a mile? Luckily my third week has me doing 3/4 of a mile one more time.

I hope I will be ready for that mile!