10. Take your time and enjoy it. There is a lot to see. No matter what country you’re driving 3000 miles in, there’s always a lot to see. You may never have this chance again.

9. A GPS is a really good tool to have. You can’t get lost! It will recalculate another route for you if you make a wrong turn. I advise in investing in one. Prices really have come down for them. And if you get into traffic, you can always get off at an exit and go around.

8. Minnesota cops take speeding ‘seriously’. Yep, we got pulled over for speeding. And we did have a radar detector. Apparently they only work when the cop’s ‘gun’ is shooting to detect the speed and of course if you pick up the radar than he was ‘shooting’ at you and you’re already busted. Damn thing, pretty much useless unless someone was in front of you.

7. Make sure to bring enough music. You would be surprised as to how quickly you can go through a CD case. Have enough music to last you your trip one way. Average about 5 minutes a song. And if you’re driving for at least 12 hours a day that’s 144 songs a day. Obviously this is when a MP3 player or satellite radio comes handy.

6. Stop for gas at a 1/4 tank, even if you do get good mpg. When you think you can go to the next stop, it’s always farther than where you would have put it.

5. Always go pee at your stop. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere there aren’t as many stops as you may need, so go pee!

4. Bring some snacks. Again, yo u never know when you will stop. Pack a few snack bars.

3. Pack a case of water. You can buy 24 bottles of water for around $6 bucks. That’s 40 cents a bottle compared to $1 – $2 a bottle on the road. It only makes sense.

2. Don’t forget the suntan lotion! You can still get burnt in a car. Windows do allow the rays in, believe or not. Lotion up!

1. And the number one thing to know; there is only one group of people I suggest going out with, your immediate family. I’m talking a significant other and children. That’s it. No siblings, no cousins, no friends. Nobody else will come back with the same relationship with that person, and possibly with no relationship at all. If you do not have a significant other or children than there is possibly one other person, your mom. If she could go through the pains of labor for you, she will forgive whatever you say on your trip.

This is my advice through experience. Take it or leave it but make sure you really can handle a road trip of this magnitude! Three thousand miles is a long distance.