August 2007

I’m officially a slacker.   I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t ran since last week.  It got hot and humid here again and I know I  shouldn’t ‘overheat’ myself so instead of going out early or late in the day I didn’t go at all.  I’ve been really tired and my back hurts.   With my first pregnancy I had the same issues.  My back was killing my first trimester then I was fine.   I don’t know why but I was kind of backwards.   And part of me knew this was going to happen.  I no longer have my goal (the race) therefore I no longer have my motivation.  I know avoiding gestational diabetes should be my new goal but since I haven’t been tested yet I’m just not as motivated as what I should be.  I just need to get out of this funk!


images.jpgI’m finally feeling better and there is a break in our rain; just enough time for me to run home change and hit the track.  So of course during my drive home I’m making excuses as to why I can’t run today. . . . It’s too damp. . . I’m still getting over this sinus cold. . . . I need to clean the house. . . . It’s only 56 degrees! . . . . I’m not sure I have any ‘cold’ running clothes, that fit. . . . I’ll probably have to do it alone.   Yeah, I know, lame.  Well at least I wasn’t using the pregnancy card, yet.  But then I stopped myself and said, “Hey, you want to do this, you have been doing this, suck it up and shut up and go.”  So off I went.


It’s been raining all day and I still feel like crap.   So no running for this gal.  I think my head cold is more like a sinus ‘thing’.  Darn allergies really screw up the sinuses.  But I’m not giving up, it’s just another day of recovery for me.

Well I gave it a go this morning.  I got up bright and early (5am) and headed out the door to meet my running partner.  I’m still feeling groggy with this head cold and from getting dressed and ready this morning I was already registering at 120 bpm.  How in the world am I going to run under 140 bpm??

So I met my running partner and told her the news.  She was ecstatic!  And I explained my running situation and she was completely understanding.  In fact, she hadn’t registered for the race yet and she found out the other day that she had a wedding she needed to attend in Baltimore.  She thought it was the following weekend and she just got the invite.  So she was unsure about what she was going to do about the race.  So the decision was made in her eyes, no race.

We agreed to still exercise together.  So we went to the track and walked our warm-up lap.  Then we started to run our first lap.  Half way through, about 1/8th of a mile, I check my heart rate.  144!!!  WHAT?  How can it be that already.  So I walked the second half.  126, alright let’s run.  Half way through a lap and I’m at 141 already.  Jeez, this 140 number sucks!  So I ended up running and walking every eighths for a mile and then just walked a mile since my running partner was only running a mile today.

Hopefully it was just due to me being sick and I’ll be able to ‘run’ a little more next time.  But it did feel good to get out.  I’m just going to do every other day until I feel better.   Then I will contemplate my cross training but I may just end up walking on days I’m not running.  During my last pregnancy my physician wanted me to walk every day for at least 45 minutes.  Boy was that hard during winter when I was huge!  But this time I have to go through all of winter and I hate winter!  But it’s not about me now is it?

Yep, I’m pregnant! A little over a month and due for April 2008. Was it planned, not really. But having another child at some point was planned, just 6 -9 months from now and 50 pounds lighter. I just really wanted to be more physically fit and at a healthy weight. So what do I do? That’s where I reach out to the blogging world with one of my biggest question: Can I still train and run my race with only being a runner for 6 weeks? Of course I will be talking to my doctor about this too but I was curious if any one has gone through this dilemma; to train during pregnancy.

I have read numerous articles about how people who have been running can continue, but is 6 weeks of being a runner long enough? All these other runners that were written about had been running for over a year prior to the pregnancy and were running at least 1/2 marathons or more.

What are all the risks to the baby? Articles have said that if your heart rate is too fast there’s not enough blood going to the baby, but how fast is too fast? I know on my last run I was at 172 bpm. I’ve never taken my heart rate when I first wake up, which I’ll try and do tomorrow but I am also sick right now and I know my heart rate tends to be a bit elevated when I am sick. I do know the actual act of running does not harm the baby.

They also say don’t get overheated, how do I know if I’m ‘overheated’? I always sweat on my runs, do I need to take a thermometer with me? I read once that to determine how to dress for a run add 20 degrees to the outside temp. Does that go the same for your body. If you can handle up to 80 degrees without feeling uncomfortable then should you only run in 60 degrees or cooler? And what about humidity? For me it’s not really the heat but the humidity that makes me uncomfortable.

I can’t find these answers. And I was hoping to at least get the race in, since I’m already registered. I will be almost 11 weeks pregnant at the time of the race. Then I plan to continue exercising but not as much. Maybe running only a mile on run days and walking on other days. (Of course this plan will only work if I’m allowed to continue running right now.)

However, the baby always comes first. During my last pregnancy I had no issues sacrificing my eating and exercising (or lack thereof) for my child. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was placed on a very strict (sugar free and low carbs) diet and I had to walk for at least 45 minutes every day; which I wasn’t accustomed to. But I did it because that was what was best for baby. In the end I had a c-section but he was healthy, big (9lbs, 6oz) but healthy. But that was why I was trying to lose my weight now. In hopes that I would be healthier for my next pregnancy and hopefully dodge the diabetic bug. Oops, I guess I’m 6 months too early with that plan.

I know the first trimester is the most important one for development and I really don’t want to jeopardized the health of my baby. I can always switch to be a walker for the race because I know I can handle walking, but I was hoping to run it. So any advice, comments, concerns would be welcomed. And on a side note, it looks like this blog will definitely take a turn in direction from running towards a race to running towards a baby. Thanks for stopping by and reading this!

I was going for a ‘long’ run today.  A whole 2 miles without stopping.  And I completed it!! 

I was up bright and early for this one.  With a 5:00 wake-up call; I threw on my clothes and met my running partner by the track.  But we were hitting the roads for this one.  After going in circles for 6 times, we were not up to doing more.  So I mapped out a 2 mile loop to run.  We made sure to start off at a slow pace.  Which ended up being good because I only got winded the last block of the run.  We ended with a time of 25:10.  Longer then what I was hoping but amazed that I can run for 25 minutes.  So now that puts us finishing the 5k around 38 minutes.  I was hoping to be done closer to 30 but we still have 6 1/2 weeks until the race.  So I offically ran farther and longer than I ever had in my whole life!  Now just one more mile and I can take on the race!

The only down side is we were running on a pretty even surface, whereas the race is hilly.  So I know these 2 miles are not the same as the race route’s 2 miles.  We don’t go back over until next week because this week is our morning runs.  So I’m hoping our time won’t decrease too much when we head over to the park next week to tackle all the hills.

*A picture to come soon!* So Wonder Man’s dad called up and offered up a couch. Barely used and a recliner on both ends. The colors match our living room colors so Wonder Man said we’d take it.


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